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Karen Norwillo
17-02-11, 22:35
Can anyone translate this moving-in record for Anders Andersson Frid. I know it's not the best image, but this is the clearest I could get. Plus, some of the image is in the fold of the book. What I'm hoping to find is where he came from , date of birth, if there I don't see it, and if it shows where in Karlskrona Amiralitet he was going. He is the future husband of my great-grandmother's sister.

21-02-11, 16:49

A quite bad copy - as you said.

A very shaky transcription

xx Handels Betjenten Anders Andersson,
xx antagit värfning vid 2dra Gardes Xxx, är född
.... pastorat? 3?/4 182..., H.. ...
... Kunskap? och ärlig? ..... ....
... han mantalsskrifven -Thus I intereprete the picture in a way that the third line starts with the place where the person is from "xxx pastorat" and the birth date. But even though I have tried to figure out what the first word is - doesn't open for me - could be "____hamns"

But - remember that I'm no expert in old handwriting

Karen Norwillo
21-02-11, 17:07
Thank you, Hasse,
Someone on Anbytarforum also came up with a loose translation for me. It would appear that Anders Andersson (Frid) was born 3.4.1825 in Länghem (even though I found his birth in Sexdrega and not in Länghem) He moved in to Karlskrona Amiralitet in 1852. This person found the back of the note on another image which says he had been in Hedvig Eleonora in Stockholm and I know he had also been in Ulricehamn, which it makes mention of. He was later a marinkorporal in Karlskrona when he married my mfm's sister.