View Full Version : How the Lapps handle the cold weather

June Pelo
19-02-11, 01:00
+10 C, degrees, the flat renters in Helsinki turn on the heat; the Lapps are planting flowers.

+5 C, the Lapps are lying in the sun if the sun happens to rise above the horizon.

+2 C, Italian cars don't start.

0 C, distilled water freezes.

-1 C, you can see your breath, time to plan a vacation in the Mediterranean; the Lapp is having a ice-cream and a cold beer.

-4 C, the cat wants to get into the your bed.

-10 C, time to plan the African vacation; the Lapp goes for a swim.

-12 C, too cold for even snow fall.

-15 C, even the French cars do not start.

-18 C, the homeowners in Helsinki put the heat on.

-20 C, you can hear your breath.

-22 C The American cars do not start; too cold for ice-skating.

-23 C the politicians start to feel sorry for those without a home.

-24 C, the Japanese cars don't start.

-26 C, you can cut building blocks for Igloos from your breath.

-29 C, your cat wants to get into your pajamas.

-30 C, the German cars don't start; the Lapps are kicking the tires of their Ladas, before they start them.

-31 C, too cold for kissing, the lips would freeze together; the Lapps football teams are starting their spring rehearsals.

-35 C, time to plan a 2-week spa vacation; the Lapps shovel snow from the roof.

-39 C, the quicksilver is freezing; the Lapps put on another wool shirt.

-45 C, the Lapps close the bathroom window.

-50 C, the sea lions escape from Greenland; the Lapps put on gloves.

-70 C, the polar beers escape from the North Pole; the University of Lappland celebrates their Sports day.

-75 C, Santa Claus escapes from the Polar circle; the Lapps put a hat on their head.

-250 C, alcohol freezes; the Lapp goes mad.

-268 C, helium changes into liquid.

-270 C, hell freezes.

-273.15 C, The absolute Zeropoint, everything freezes, and all movements stop; the Lapp says, it's a bit chilly, get me one more moonshine!

Translated by Lasse Holm