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June Pelo
22-02-11, 20:44
I have a new request for help from Finland as follows. Would appreciate any information or suggestions:


This person`s name was Oscar Johan-Erikson Gabbels born Oktober 9th 1891 in Overmark, Narpes area, Finland. He came to Gladstone, Michigan in 1913. According to a WW1(world war 1) draft card dated June 5th 1917 which is found on the www.ansectry.com he lived unmarried at a address in ( Hennepin County) Minneapolis, Minnesota and worked for the C.M.st.Paul Railroad (I think that stands for Chicago. Milwaukee.St.Paul). I haven`t found any information about him after 1917. It seems that he has disappeared.

I have search on several genealogysites on the internet, but haven`t found anything. I have also been in contact with the Minnesota statearchives, but they could not find anything.

There are many unanswered questions about this person.

If he joined the army, wouldn`t there be any record of him if he was killed, missing or retired from the army? Where he settled after the war if he survived? Family? If he was killed by a disease?

Now I wonder if you can help me with this “problem”? Have you possibility to search for more information about him? We here in Finland are interested to know what has happened to him.

23-02-11, 21:51
June, here is his boat record thru ancestry. Under "ostar gabbels".

not quite what your looking for but its another piece.


June Pelo
23-02-11, 23:32
Thanks, but I don't belong to Ancestry and the link takes me to a page to sign up...

24-02-11, 06:11
The page referred to is the one in the attachment