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June Pelo
28-02-11, 19:32
I have just received a copy of the Virtuoso CD from Finland. Two of the singers are my relatives Riku and Roope Pelo. Their father Matti is well-known in music circles in Finland. These singers on the CD all have good voices, and though I can't understand the words I do recognize the music. Is this group well-known in Finland?

Jaska Sarell
28-02-11, 23:05
I don't follow the music scene much and cannot answer about their popularity.
Their website (http://www.virtuoso.fi/) gives an impression that all four have their primary jobs (Riku an opera singer and Roope a singing teacher) and they don't tour together very often. The site lists only one gig per month for March to May.
Anyway you can browse the site for each singer and listen to some pieces (link: Kuuntele). Seems that some lyrics are made by Riikka Pelo.

:) Jaska

June Pelo
01-03-11, 00:38
Riikka is their sister. Their father studied music in Italy and is/was an opera singer. So music seems to run in their blood..