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28-02-11, 21:46
Elin Gunhild ForstÚn born February 21, 1892 in Singsby Korsholm Finland, married to Peter Siponen born ab. 1882.
They have one son, Fred.
The family lived at 54 Shatter Street Hancock, Michigan, USA.
Who knows anything about them.

Karen Norwillo
01-03-11, 15:48
Here's your family in the 1920 and 1930 census. It looks like Fred was born abt 1921. I found the marriage of Peter and Ellen on Family Search MI Marriages 1868-1925. Unfortunately, there's no image. Information says
Peter Siponen 31 1883 Finland and Ellen Forsten 22 1892 Finland, married 2 Oct 1914 in Hancock, Houghton, MI.
Groom's parents..Peter Siponen and Johanna Hiltunen. Bride's parents unknown. Film 2342705 folder 420925 image 439 reference # v2p38rn529
SSDI Peter Siponen 3 Jun 1882, died Aug 1966. His WWI Draft Reg Card says 3 July 1882 On census, Elin (Ellen) is Elna. I cropped the first page of 1930 as Peter was at the very bottom. From Ancestry.com.

01-03-11, 16:11
Thanks for the nice information.

Karen Norwillo
01-03-11, 16:30
I found their arrival to US. Matches the dates from Migration Institute. Elna Gunhild ForstÚn 8.9.1909 issued passport. Left Finland 15.09.1909 for Houghton, MI Titania, left Liverpool 25.09.1909 Mauretania.
Pekka Siponen 18.12.1908 to Hancock, MI . Arrival says going to brother Tuomas Siponen.

Karen Norwillo
01-03-11, 20:19
Here is the gravestone of Elna and Peter Siponen. There is also another next to them for August and Marie Siponen. Perhaps his brother?? This is from Find a Grave. Lakeside Cemetery Hancock, MI.

07-03-11, 02:41
Hej Henrik and others,

From R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917 (http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/emi3d37se.htm), we have 3 Siponens:

Siponan Edward (Emma), barber 413 Tezcuco, res same
Siponen August, trammer, bds O A Isaacson
Siponen Peter J (Elna J), lab, res ss Shafter 2 w of Ryan

Located on "ss" (south side) of Shafter (no Shatter St. in Hancock) - "lab" = laborer.

Prob. bro. August as a "trammer" (mine worker who trammed ore). Moving to the "Is", we find O A Isaacson (http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/emi3d37ie.htm), where August "bds" (boards):

ISAACSON OSCAR A, Boarding House and Confectioner ws Finn 1 s of Shafter, res same

Located on "ws" (west side) of Finn St.

Present-day, this area is part of or near to the main campus of Finlandia University (webpage (http://www.finlandia.edu/index.html)) (map (http://www.mapquest.com/maps?state=MI&cat=Finlandia+University&sem=1&ncid=mpqmap00170000000007&s_kwcid=TC|10782|finlandia%20university%20map||S|b |3684371276)). Finlandia starts at the bottom of the hill starting at Ryan and Finn Streets, and extends about 1/2 way up the hill (regional map (http://www.finlandia.edu/assets/files/Campus%20Buildings/Regional%20Map.pdf); campus map (http://www.finlandia.edu/assets/files/Visit%20Finlandia/Campus%20Map.pdf)). Shafter Street is near the top of the hill (see the Mapquest map).

Doesn't have anything to do with these particular people, but you all can check out a photo gallery of Heikinpaiva 2011 (http://finlandiaphotos.smugmug.com/Other/Heikinpaiva-2011/15659625_FJR8F#1173637015_RDQFg) (bonus from Smugmug).