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Heather Nichols
01-03-11, 05:41
Hello, My name is Heather and I am new here. My Grandmother on my dad's side was a swede-finn from the Overfors family and I have been working on doing some family tree research. Many of my searches led me back to this site and I found that my grandmother was once a member as well (Grace Overfors Johnson) I am excited to see what more information that I can learn about my heritage and family :)


Jaska Sarell
01-03-11, 11:06
Welcome on board!

Nice to see that also younger generation is interested in their roots. Your grandmother is my 6th cousin and related to many other Finlander members, and so are you then :cool:

:) Jaska

June Pelo
01-03-11, 16:26

I knew your grandmother Grace and visited her in her home. We wrote to each other for many years. I'm attaching a picture taken when I visited her in Duluth ca 1990. I have her family data in my database. Let me know what you need and I can send it. We were related 80 ways, starting with 4th cousin. Your grandmother also had a second cousin, Ken Jennings, who lives near Ann Arbor, MI. Do you know Ken? He is also interested in genealogy and we keep in touch.

Heather Nichols
02-03-11, 01:49
Thank you so much for the warm welcome - it is fun to find some "new" relatives right away!

I don't know Ken Jennings, but have been running across his name in my research as well. I am sure that my Dad (Michael Johnson) must know who he is.

I love the picture of my grandma in front of her home. It was bittersweet when it sold after her death - so many memories of there.

June Pelo
02-03-11, 02:13

Your grandmother was quite artistic and her home was full of her art work. I still have the breadboard your grandfather made for me. Here's Ken's address - write him and get acquainted. I've told him about you. Kenandarloa*aol.com