View Full Version : Amalia Mikontytar Children

D J Granlund
03-03-11, 22:55
Amalia was born to Mikel Isaccsson and Eva Ericsdr 11 Apr 1846, Vaivaro Heikkila, Husjarvi, Hame. I know she had a daughter Amailia born 26 June 1889 with Adolf Ylen in Tuusula. My notes indicate she had a son Johannes 1876 and a daughter Ida Maria 1884 before she married Adolf. I think her 2 first children were born out of wedlock. I have lost my notes on the first 2 children and now I can not reconstruct the notes to verify this information on the first two. Can anyone help me?

D J Granlund
08-03-11, 16:49
To anyone that may have attempted to assist. Thank you. I have been helped out by a friend and distant cousin in Finland. I now have reestablished all of the records I had misplaced. Amalia was previously married when she had her first 2 children. David