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Ron Helin
05-03-11, 21:24
My grandfather migrated from Jurva to northern Wisconsin in 1902. His name was Juha Juha Reetunpoika Laakso/Korpela (b. 4.12.1874, Jurva). I have discovered that he, his parents, and his siblings lived on Laakso in the village of Närvijoki from 1875 to 1884 (Jurva, Rippikirja, 1875-1884, Jurva, Picture 358). I am trying now to discover where he, his parents, and his siblings lived from 1885 to 1901. Since "Korpela" < "Korvela" < "Korpi", I suspect that his family may moved from Laakso to Korpi, a farm in the village of Niemenkylä. I suspect also that the family lived on the farm as crofters rather than proprietors.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information related to the points mentioned above.

06-03-11, 02:59
As of 1895, the family was at Niemi 2, Korpi, Jurva. Rippikirja 1886-1895 is the most recent available to members at SSHY.
Rippikirja shows your grandfather's brother Herman also came to this country.
Institute of Migration shows Herman Johan Fredriksson, born 1872, home parish Jurva, received a passport to Amerika on 4.11.1897.