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06-03-11, 20:32

I have recently begun my search for information into my Finish background. My great grandparents immigrated to Louisiana from Finland around 1900, met and married here (I still live in the same small town). My great grandfathers name was Otto Emanuel Langbacka (but changed his last name to Carlson sometime after arriving in the USA). My great grandmother was Alina Johanna Karlsdotter Tast. Recently I have been searching for any information on Alina's immigration, but have come up with very little. From what my mother has told me, my great grandmother never talked about her life in Finland before arriving in America, which has made finding information difficult.

June Pelo
07-03-11, 00:57
Welcome to Finlander. Although you didn't give any birthdates of your great grandparents, I have people in my database with the same names, so I'm quite sure I have the correct info. Your great grandfather was Otto Emanual Karlsson Kaitfors-Långbacka, b. 29 May 1881, Nedervetil, and your great grandmother was Alina Johanna Karlsdotter Tast, b. 3 Oct 1881, not sure if she was born in Nedervetil or Jyväskylä. I also have the ancestry of both Otto and Alina as far back as the 1600, because he is linked to my Pelo line.
Alina Johanna is linked to my mother's line and also to Lars Andersson Friis - there are many people who link to Friis. If you are interested in your ancestry going back, let me know. If you send me your e-mail address, I can send you an ahnentafel listing your direct ancestors.

07-03-11, 01:56
Yes, that is the correct information. I have that Otto was born on May 29, 1881 and died Oct. 10, 1929. He married Alina On March 26, 1904. Alina was born Oct. 3, 1881 in Jyvaskyla and died on Aug. 9, 1961. I would greatly appreciate any information that you have. Otto and Alina had five sons, so there are a lot of family here that is very interested in their ancestors from Finland. I will send you my email address. Thanks so much!


K-G Molander
11-08-11, 05:43

Were in Louisiana do you live? Just curious, because, I have relatives living in Lake Charles. (Distant relatives)