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June Pelo
08-03-11, 15:19
Can someone give a definition of nyskiftet in a few words - I need to use it as a heading for an article.


Karen Norwillo
08-03-11, 19:33
I Googled the word and it seems to mean redistribution, such as in changing boundries or possibly making one place part of a new place. The one article I found talked about the increase in population in an area due to redistribution (nyskiftet)

June Pelo
08-03-11, 19:51

It also seems to have been the cause of a lot of dissention... the article I read said that nyskiftet split Pelo village apart and caused people to resent other people in the village, especially the well-to-do people. This happened around the 1960s, I think. Ny is new and skift is change or shift.. so something drastic happened in Finland around that time.

Karen Norwillo
08-03-11, 20:17
The article I saw referred to Munsala. I often wondered why my Esse family records are sometimes found in Esse and other times in Pedersöre or Jakobstad. Same place, but under a different parish. I found now, if I can't find it in one, look in the neighboring parishes.

Jaska Sarell
08-03-11, 20:31
Unfortunately I could find something about nyskiftet (fi uusjako) only in Finnish here (http://www.helsinki.fi/kansatiede/histmaatalous/maanjaot/uusjako.htm). It started in Finland in late 19th century and is yet incomplete in North Ostrobothnia and Lapland, according to the article. So nothing drastic especially in 1960's - just happened to be in Pelo village at the time.
As I'm unfamiliar with the subject, I cannot tell about side effects of the divisions made.
Not to be confused with storskiftet (fi isojako), shortly (http://www.helsinki.fi/kansatiede/histmaatalous/maanjaot/isojako.htm) explained on the same site.

Google translator leaves many words untranslated and the rest may not be understandable either :(

:) Jaska

June Pelo
08-03-11, 21:14
Thanks Karen and Jaska. I've written to someone in Finland who is familiar with Nedervetil and hopefully he can explain what happened. I thing the storskiftet affected a larger area of Finland and perhaps the nyskiftet affected only the area in Nedervetil. I'll post something if I get a reply.

June Pelo
10-03-11, 17:31
Nyskiftet and storkiftet are the same.. A relative in Finland wrote how he felt about nyskiftet as it pertained to Pelo village:
"In the 1930s when the village was still "one village" and the people strived in the same direction, one thing was started that would divide the people and the village forever - it was called "storskiftet" in Swedish - meaning that the land was to be redivided between the mantal owners. The man to lead this project in Nedervetil was named Holmberg; he was from Nyland in the south of Finland and was in a sense too weak to perform a task like that. Pelo wasn't the only place where the land was redivided: all of "Nederby" (Slotte Simonsbacka, Ahlskog, Skriko, Alalahti, Murick, etc.) was redivided. The meaning was good and surely wanted by many but something went terribly wrong in Pelo.

The project was halted during the war, but continued after peace was reached. The primary intention was to relocate the biggest farms out of Pelo where they would get their land in one piece and the smaller farms were to remain in Pelo, because it's cheaper to move a few of the "big ones" than many small farms when you consider that all who moved out had to build new houses and other buildings on the new place. This is very simple mathematics to everyone, but how did it go?? One family with the biggest mantals stayed in the middle of Pelo and almost everyone else had to move out. During meetings to discuss changes to the plan, the son of this family took over the meetings and made decisions. My father, among others, went directlly to the President of Finland, Urho Kekkonen, complaining about the decision made by the Geodesy authorities. I don't understand why, when the matter was before the Supreme Court, they gave us our rights and admitted that serious errors had been committed by the authorities, the papers still say that no further measures will be taken to correct it. Can you commit a crime or legal error without some sort of correction in the U.S.? This is the thing that still divides Pelo and it will for as long as that generation lives. It's been said that "There will be short funeral processions in Pelo after this." I could write a book about this and all the proven errors that were made.

He went on to discuss other large landholders who also refused to move out of the village. And he stated: "The strangest thing is many of the people who acted greedy during "skiftet" have lost their inherited land from Mårten Hindersson Pelo - the land that once was one of the largest in Nedervetil. (My father inherited a share of this land from his grandfather, but he chose not to live on it and sold it.)

16-03-11, 11:47
Nice to know a bit more about the family history, with Ahlskog and all.

Jaska Sarell
16-03-11, 12:35
I watched yesterday the 3rd part of Swedish documentary series "Morfars farfars far - och jag" (total five parts). Now there was a lot about nyskiftet in Sweden in about 1850's concerning a village of document maker's origin. Quite problematic in many sense. Like in Finland, that was continuation of storskiftet that started in 1700's.

BTW. Very well made document, at least the three first parts.

:) Jaska