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11-03-11, 01:34
I'm looking for offspring of my mother's cousin(s) who emigrated into the U.S. in the 1860's -1880's. The parents of this cousin(s) were Erkki and Ulrika Hakala from the Nurmijärvi parish.

Erkki's and Ulrika's children were named: Aleksi, Henrika Sofia, Hintriikki, Kalle, Karoliina, Kustaava, Mari, Miina, Otto, Tilta -- but the spelling in official documents may well be different from these (written down from my mother's recollection). I don't know which of these cousin(s) ended up emigrating into the U.S.

A daughter/granddaughter of the emigrant was likely called Esther (sorry, don't know her married surname) who may have passed away in California or Arizona in the 1960's. I think she only had one child, a son.

June Pelo
11-03-11, 02:47
Welcome to Finlander. I have a lot of Hakala names in my databse, but none came from Nurmijärvi, and none had children with names you mentioned. They lived in Markham and Angora, MN, Ashtabula, OH and in Montana. I have an Erik Hakala, b. 1888 in Lappajärvi, married to Esther Pietilä. Hopefully someone can help you...

11-03-11, 23:39
Thanks, June. It may be a long shot, but I wanted to try.

16-03-11, 11:57
Stick around, there is likely to be someone that might have information for you.

17-03-11, 00:40
Thanks -- and if this thread does not pan out, maybe I'll think of some new ones. Raijab