View Full Version : Simon Simonsson Sanbacka's wife

Hasse Andtbacka
16-01-04, 21:26

We run into a problem when using the Talko database.

Simon Simonsson Sandbacka, b. 1666 in Kronoby, has several children. His wife is in some databases Gertrud Nilsdr Holgers, b. 1667, married 1700 and died 1727. In other databases Simon's wife is Gertrud Davidsdr Merijärvi, b. 1669, married 1695 and died 1729. Funny enough they are both mothers to the same children.

Only one Gertrud can be the mother of Simon's children, but which one? This is before the church records :confused:

If someone is sure about the Gertruds, please tell me!

Hasse Andtbacka:confused: