View Full Version : Trying to find information about my grandfathers brother, Nils Joel Knippare

Sten K
15-03-11, 20:15
Some facts about my grandfathers brother:
Nils Joel Knippare born 26.06.1894 in Kronoby, Finland. His Father: Johan Mattsson Finnäs Knippare born 19.08.1853 in Larsmo, Eugmo died 17.01.1928 in Kronoby, married with Maja Lisa Nilsdotter Knippare 08.09.1849-06.09.1903.
I have found out that Nils Joel Knippare emigrated in 1924, he arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia 22.02.1924 with a ship called Stockholm, departing from Helsinki 13.02.1924.
In 1952 he visited Finland to watch the Olympic games, he returned to USA 30.07.1955 with Pan American Airways to New York, New York.
That was the facts, now some things I have heard about Nils Joel K. He worked at Ford motor company as a carpenter. He had no family in USA? but he sent my father some pictures marked with "Our country house" "Our car".
I also have some pictures taken of Nils J. Knippare in Bay City Michigan.
What did Nils Joel Knippare do in Canada/USA, 1924-1952 and after 1955? Did he have any family? and where is he burried?