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June Pelo
19-03-11, 18:22
I have a query but not much information:

Jakob Jakobsson Torrkulla - Strömsnäs, b. 20 Jul 1856 Pedersöre, d. 23 Aug 1943 in the US. He was married in 1878 to Henrika Abrahamsdotter, b. 25 Apr 1842, Orivesi. They had a son Jakob Wilhelm, b. 1886 in Pedersöre - not known if he came to the US, or if Henrika also came to the US. Is it possible to find out where Jakob lived in the US?


Karen Norwillo
20-03-11, 18:50
This could be Jakob arriving Oct 1882, destination Grand Rapids, MI. I haven't found him elsewhere yet.

June Pelo
20-03-11, 19:46
Thanks, Karen. The family didn't know he came to the US, so everything will be news to them..