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21-03-11, 14:19
I am trying to locate my g. uncle who emigrated from Kemijäri in 1902. It is said that he first moved to Canada, but he had sisters in Astoria, OR. (all of whom have been located. The family also used the surname Beckman and Backman.
Robert was born 5.12.1878 in Sodankylä.

Karen Norwillo
21-03-11, 16:28
Here's a Robert Bäckman arriving 1902, destination Hancock, MI. He must have started in Sweden. The one image is the "feeder" ship to England. I found a WWI Draft Reg card for a Robert Backman in Hancock in 1918. Birthdate almost matches. Error on year. It says 1982, which of course is wrong, but the month and day match. Says he's from Kemi.

22-03-11, 09:51
Thank you for the info Karen. This will give me something to follow up. If he was drafted in 1918, there is a chance he did survive WWI.

Karen Norwillo
22-03-11, 16:46
All men between a certain age had to register for the draft, it doesn't mean he ever actually went into service.