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June Pelo
26-03-11, 16:49
The oil that is used in Finland comes mostly from Russia and the North Sea. They use very little oil from the Arabian countries. Russia supplies 70% of raw oil and the rest is from the North Sea, which is produced by Norway, Denmark and Great Britain.

Microsoft paid Nokia over $1 million to develop a telephone that uses the Microsoft operating system WP7. In turn, Nokia paid Microsoft for the use of Windows. The agreement gives Microsoft a fair market share while Nokia has the possibility of cutting costs.

It is estimated that the cost of E10 gasoline can rise over 1.60 euro per liter at many pumps before long. The previous week the price of E10 was 1.55 euro.

Nearly 5% of all deaths in Finland are alcohol related. In 2009 there were 2,300 who died from alcholism.

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