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28-03-11, 08:57
Since the announcement that Finngen is closing down in the end of April lots of Finngen members have registered at Finlander forum. Some have also registered at the Finnish/Swedish language Suku Forum.

We wish all of you welcome and hope you have fun together with us here on Finlander.

As I fully understand that the step from a mailing list to a webpage based discussion forum may feel problematic for some of you in case this is the first time you come in contact with a forum. But I'm quite sure that we shall try to answer all your questions along the way.

Within Finlander forum I have also created a dedicated Finngen subforum please feel at home.

Some small steps to make your life easy on Finlander:

log in using the username/password combination you selected when you registered. I would recommend you select the "Remember Me" -box before hitting ok - if you use your own PC at home. (pls. write these down for future use)
to see what new messages have been posted

if the last time you visited was yesterday or later list the messages from the last 24 hours using the "What's New" / "Today's Forum Messages" (see function row buttons)
if the last time you visited was last week or later list the messages from the last 7 days using the "What's New" / "Last Week's Messages" (see function row buttons)

if you want to post a new question or otherwise start a new message thread select for example the Finngen subforum from the main page and hit the "Post New Thread" -button

write a heading/subject and a message and hit the button "Submit New Thread" when ready

if you want to post an answer to a message you are reading

hit the "Reply" button
if you need more functionality when writing your message, cloose the "Go to Advanced Editor"
enter your message
when the message is ready to be posted - hit "Reply to Thread"

Note that the Finlander forum may email you notifying that there are new comments in your message thread or in a thread you have contributed to. Remember that you cannot reply to the email message instead click the link in your email message that takes you directly to the first new message.

Hope to see you on-line


Karen Norwillo
01-04-11, 18:46
Welcome to all the Finngen members. As a product of both Swedish-speaking Finns and Finnish-speaking Finns, I can tell you everyone here has been so helpful in my quest for my ancestors. I have visited Finland several times and have met many of my Finn cousins from all parts of Finland. I have never even considered the language difference to be an obstacle. My Finnish grandfather from Salla and my grandmother from Esse met in Michigan, married and raised a large, wonderful family, my father being the youngest. I hope you will all feel welcome here and find that we are a great bunch of people.