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28-03-11, 18:59

I'm a bit late in introducing myself. I joined about a month ago but didn't get around to doing this.

I'm Carol Hokana, currently from the Boston, MA area but I grew up in North Dakota. In Finland my surname would be spelled "Hookana" but my great grandfather Mikko Hookana changed the spelling after being in the USA for a while. He likely got tired of hearing his name pronounced "hook-a-na" rather than with a long O sound. :)

All four of my father's grandparents emigrated from Finland to Michigan, and then to the Dakotas. I do not have any of their immigration papers (I've looked and looked but no luck so far) so that is a goal I have set for myself. I have been researching my genealogy since 1999.

My ancestors came from Lappi: Rovaniemi, Kuusamo, Kemijärvi, and the Tornio River valley. Surnames from more recent ancestors are: Oinas, Tolonen, Suopanki, Raappana-Rombasaari, Wattula-Karjalainen-Poussu, Tuoppala. Due to the help of many, many kind people, I have come a long way in tracking down my Finnish ancestors. I am deeply indebted to several people for providing info that enabled me to go back 16 generations! I could not have done 1/10 of the work without this help from others.

I am a descendant of Erik Ångerman Sursill (c 1507), in a couple of different ways. Also, I'm a descendant of Paavali Halonen (c 1565), Anund Tulkki (c 1470), Olof Larsson Kippa (c 1525), Antti Innanpoika Junkkara (c 1520), Pentti Justeen Gyllenloood (c 1510), Pietari Justeen (c 1460), Heikki Erkinpoika Korva Pallari (c 1500), Markus Jönsson Rälssimies (c 1485), Jöns Svinhufvud (c 1510), to name my most distant ancestors. If you are a descendant of any of the above, please contact me!

I'm looking forward to reading this forum!

Carol Hokana

June Pelo
28-03-11, 20:00
Welcome to Finlander, Carol. I think you'll find there are a number of us with links to Sursill. I note the Svinhufvud name in your mail - does he link to Per Svinhufvud, former president of Finland? I checked my database for any of the names you listed, but didn't find any. But if you post a query I think someone will be able to help you.

29-03-11, 03:40
My ancestor Jöns Svinhufvud is someone whom I haven't researched much (in terms of his descendants) so I don't know if he is an ancestor to Pehr Evind Svinhufvud, the former President of Finland. I must confess that I never thought to look into any connection there but now you've piqued my interest and I will check that out. I'm guessing that if there was a connection there, that my paternal grandfather would have mentioned it, but then again, it was not in his personality to boast so maybe he wouldn't have mentioned it after all. You know how those Finns are... ;-)

Interestingly, although I have no musical talent whatsoever (really, absolutey NONE!) my father was quite musical. My third cousin was the Toronto Symphony Orchstra conductor Jukka-Pekka Saraste. With that kind of talent "in my blood" why am I so ... untalented? I have four siblings, and they, too, are as untalented musically as I am. Such a pity. We do have other talents, though, namely mathematics, which I think uses the same part of the brain as music uses? So maybe the talent manifested itself a little differently in our family's generation.