View Full Version : Carl Oscar Johnson

June Pelo
29-03-11, 21:33
Was someone searching for information about Carl Oscar Johnson, b. 1887, Kristinestad, who married Reba Larson - they lived in Kamloops, BC, Canada? I have some information about them if you'll contact me..

Karen Norwillo
02-04-11, 02:44
While doing some searching for Carl Oscar, I Googled his name and it seems like someone on SFHS Facebook site answered that he or she has info. I can't access who it is, as I took myself off Facebook. Maybe someone who is still on will check.

June Pelo
02-04-11, 03:28

I wish I knew someone on Facebook so I could ask them to check. Hopefully someone reading this will be able to. Sounds very interesting and Leif in Finland is so eager to find out anything at all..

02-04-11, 09:05
No answers.. Those posts on SFHS Facebook are by June.