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02-04-11, 15:49
I am searching for Mats birth. He married Carin matsdr 2 nov 1792 in Kalvia. I just can't seem to find his birth. Can someone direct me?

02-04-11, 15:58
Any more information about this Mats? Born in what parish/village? Lived where? Any dates? Any children names and birth years?


02-04-11, 16:14
The marriage info says Tickanen farm, Kalvia. children are jacob 1793, Catharina 1806, sophia 1807, Catarina 1809

Jaska Sarell
02-04-11, 16:30
Found him here (http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=AHN&db=juhanikerkkonen&id=I5565) as husband in the beginning.
Secondary source (names in Finnish), but you may be able to check.

:) Jaska

02-04-11, 16:57
Thanks! I have one kinda dumb question but what do Antintytar, Matintytar, Matinpoika, and Jaakonpoika mean? I think tytar means Daughter and Poika means Son but I am guessing

Karen Norwillo
02-04-11, 17:02
You are correct. Antintytär=Anders daughter (Antti), Jaakonpoika=Jaakko's son (Jakob)

Jaska Sarell
02-04-11, 17:07
You guessed right! They are patronymics equaling Swedish (original source language) Andersdotter, Mattsdotter, Mattsson and Jakobsson. Father's names in this example were Antti / Anders, Matti / Matts and Jaakko / Jakob(Jacob). They are essential in Finnish genealogy, as they didn't change like last names may have done.

:) Jaska

Tapio Rautio
02-04-11, 17:20
here is one record of Tikkanen 1804-1809:




02-04-11, 20:47
I have one more question. How do I search the http://dig.narc.fi ?
Thank you all so much! I appreciate all the help.

02-04-11, 20:55
You might check their English search page - see the link in this blog (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/entry.php?6-The-National-Archives-Communion-Books-on-line) entry.

Jaska Sarell
02-04-11, 20:58
I think the easiest way of finding parish records is through tree view (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/puu.ka).
Find the parish name, in this case Kälviän seurakunta, and see what's available.
Unlike SSHY(FFHA) (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index_eng.htm) the communion books (pää- ja rippikirjat) are not indexed, but that's planned in nearby future. FFHA doesn't have anything from Kälviä yet.

:) Jaska

P.S. Hasse, you should add Finnish titles to the page you refer. They are used in Finnish speaking parishes.

June Pelo
02-04-11, 20:59
I have this family in my database. Matts Jacobsson Rimboja-Hassinen-Tikkanen, b. 22 Apr 1770, Kelviå, d. 16 Jan 1809, Kelviå, married 2 Nov 1792, Kelviå to Kaisa Mattsdotter Korpijärvi, b. 18 Aug 1774, Kelviå, d. 25 May 1851, Kelviå. I have both of their family lines. Matts is the 3rd great grandfather of Anita Löf, formerly of Karleby, now living in Utah. I know her well. I have been helping her find her relatives and ancestors. Are you related to Matts and Kaisa?

June Pelo
02-04-11, 21:03
I should have indicated that Matts was the son of Jakob Simonsson Hassinen-Tikkanen, b. 13 Mar 1740, Kelviå, and Maria Sigfridsdotter Rimboja, b. 7 Nov 1747, Kelviå.

02-04-11, 21:19
My husband is John Herman Nivala's Grandson. That would make Matts his Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

June Pelo
02-04-11, 22:23
Are you interested in contacting Anita? Do you need more data about Matts? I know of only two children for Matts: Elisabeta, b. 1797 and Matts, b. 1803 - is your husband descended from one of them? Anita is descended from Elisabeta's daughter Sofia who married Matts Adamsson Saarala, who was Anita's maternal great grandfather. If you need any info. let me know.. I'll write to Anita and tell her about your husband. I don't think she has any data about him in her database.

Tapio Rautio
03-04-11, 11:48
About narc, it´s sometimes helpful to look at the first pages of the newest rippikirja,
sometimes there is an index, as in Kälviä:

It says Tikkanen can be found pages 91-93.

When moving to the previous book, the farm is often nearby that same page number.

The rippikirja in my link has 285 pages, so it´s timesaving to not have to go through every picture.


03-04-11, 12:57
There are published books called Juuret Kälviällä 1688-1809 and Juuret Kälviällä 1809-1917 which list all of the people mentioned.
Jaakko Matinpoika Tikkanen, b. 9.8.1793 in Kälviä, Jokikylä, N:o 12 Tikkanen 12 (Place, Village, House)
He was married 24.6.1815 in Kälviä to Anna Jaakontytär Vuolle, b. 16.7.1794 in Kälviä, Jokikylä N:o II 2 Vuolle (from Lohtaja).