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03-04-11, 16:05
Looking for further information about August who emigrated to USA 1903 and married to Hilda (Hilja) about 1917. August lived 1930 in Bronx, New York with wife Hilda and two daughters (ref US census 1930). Unconfirmed information tells that he lived in Canada about 1920 - 1925. When August was enlisted to WW I 1917 he was a naturalized citizen in USA.

Has anyone additional information about this family or access to any database from where information about this family can be find?


Ingemar Ekman
03-04-11, 19:59
Hi Mikael,
August Alarik Osterholm was born 27 Sep 1887 in Bertby Saltvik Åland and at least a brother and several of his nephews and nieces emigrated also to USA.
1997-2000 I corresponded to Tricia Osterholm about Österholm family from Åland, Närpes and Korsholm. I can send you her old email address as private message if you want.
According to the newspaper "Finska Amerikanaren" 16 Jan 1913 was a query published, extract in English:
Miss Österholm from Bertby Saltvik, now Mrs Varpula No. 1426 Vyse Ave New York looking for her cousins from her father´s side from Korsnäs Taköaks village .
Greetings from Sweden,

04-04-11, 04:26
Passenger List for SS Arabic, which arrived in New York, NY on 4.12.1903, shows August Österholm, age 16, going to join brother Charles Österholm, Box 186, Georgetown, Connecticut.
It looks like August traveled with Matts Karpula, age 32, who was also going to Georgetown and listed Charles Österholm as brother-in-law.

Ingemar Ekman
04-04-11, 06:05
A homepage to the "Osterholm History and Genealogy" See

04-04-11, 18:34
The homepage of "Osterholm History and Genealogy" contains information about another Österholm family from Ostrobotnia, Finland. August Alariks grandfather Gabriel Eriksson Barkar, b 1798 in the village of Kalax in Närpes, changed his surname to Österholm about year 1830. His son Josef Wilhelm was a seaman and got married in Åland.

August, Charles (Karl Otto) and Vendla Erika (Mrs Varpula) were siblings. Vendla was married to Matts Varpula b 1871 in Karjala, Mynämäki. I havn't been able to find parents to Matts. Any info or hinds are welcome.

Greetings from Åbo, Finland