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06-04-11, 18:49
Greetings Fellow Finns,
I'm a recent, new, half and half member. Half Swedish-Finn, and half Norwegian-Finn.
My maternal grandparents came from Jungsund and Karper÷ in Vaasa, in 1895 and 1901. It is unknown if they or their families knew each other back home, but they met, and married in San Francisco.
Their names were Abraham Anders (Fredricsson) Ingman 1868 from Jungsund and
Hanna Fredrica Ericson Pada; not yet precisely determined where or when, but born around 1879, and she probably was from Karper÷.
My paternal ancestors came from ěvertorneň, several generations before my father was born in Troms, Norway in 1901. I have yet to fully trace his ancestors' records back across the border, but I have been told that it is a well researched branch. The most memorable name that comes to mind is that of Johannes Josephsen (KERTTU) ěRN f. 1728 in Pello, ěvertorneň (i Kerttu, Kuivakangas). In Troms, Johannes took the name of Bomstad.
Just before Hanna came to America, she collected memories, written by her friends and family, in a little book. The names and sentiments of those who signed may be of interest to anyone researching family from Korsholm/Mustasaari around 1901. Color copies, along with transcriptions, and translations for each page, are almost complete, and will be made available for download soon. When they are, I will post a list of all the names that are in it, here.