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06-04-11, 20:15
Looking for hinds or information about children in this family:

Anna Lisa Mattsdtr Söderback. Born 25.10.1860 in Petalax, Finland Married to Karl Johan Johan-Eriksson Bjurbäck. Born 05.08.1860

Karl Vilhelm Bjurbäck.
Hilda Bjurbäck.Born abt 1883
Johan Emil Bjurbäck. Born 27.06.1885 in Petalax, Finland. Death 23.11.1948 in Korsnäs, Finland.
Alina Sofia Bjurbäck. Born 10.03.1888 in Petalax
Gabriel Bjurbäck. Born 21.12.1889 in Petalax.
Selma Alina Bjurbäck. Born 20.03.1895 in Petalax.

All of them except Selma emigrated to California (Greenwood area). Selma to BC, Canada. Johan Emil returned to Finland. For other siblings I am lack of further info.

I would be grateful for any kind of information that will help me in my research.

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