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Robert Jokela
11-04-11, 23:17
Does anyone have information or links to my paternal grandparents? They are: Wilhelm Jokela b: 14 Apr 1979, in Oulu province, d: 20 Apr 1922, in Cloquet, Minn., USA. He was a shoemaker and a “river rat” for the logging companies on the Oulu River. He emigrated in July, 190l (ship records not found). He had a brother, Antti Jokela, b: 18 Jan 1887 and d: 21 Mar 1964, in Superior, WI.
Anna Pikkorainen b: 2 Oct 1880 somewhere in Oulun Lanni and d: 3 Dec 1938 in Cloquet, Minn., USA. She worked as a herdswoman on a large dairy farm. Wilhelm and Anna were reportedly married in 1900 in Oulu. Anna’s obituary notes, but does not name her siblings, a brother in Finland, a sister in Michigan and two brothers in the USA.
I cannot adequately express my appreciation to Karen (mtkar) for her help (along with her friend, Petri) on the other side of my family (Luokkala and Myllyniemi). They have found many ancestors back to the 1600s!
For the record, I am patiently awaiting response to a corrected gedcom sent this week for the Talko database. Membership payment sent to FFHA this week. I signed up for DNA testing last week. As you can see, I’m serious about this! Any help would be appreciated.

Robert Jokela

June Pelo
12-04-11, 00:21

Have you noticed there is a DNA sub-forum under Genealogy (Eng). I have some Pikkarainen names in my database, from Oulu and Kelviĺ, but nothing to link to yours. Finlander Forum has some good searchers and maybe one of them can help you..

12-04-11, 02:34
The attached New York Passenger list and records from Institute of Migration may be for your Wilhelm Jokela.
Remarks in the Institute of Migration Passport Information indicates a wife remained in Finland (SJ vaimo)

12-04-11, 02:57
1902 Boston Passenger List and Institute of Migration records for Anna Jokela

Robert Jokela
12-04-11, 04:26
Thanks for finding those records. Regarding Wilhelm and Anna, the Institute for Migration records are new to me. They confirm the home parish as from Oulu. The records fit very well. The passenger record for Wilhelm had me wondering, as the name as written looks like "Vittio." Ironically, I was looking at that this afternoon. I failed to mention that I had Anna's ship record already.
Thanks again for all the help!
Robert Jokela

Karen Norwillo
12-04-11, 15:04
I'm wondering if it could have been Vilho and poor writing makes it look like Vittio.

Robert Jokela
13-04-11, 05:53
You are probably right. It certainly does look more like Vilho.

Robert Jokela