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Gunnar Damström
12-04-11, 04:08
In his latest book, Ärans Medalj (Medal of Honor) Karl Gustav Olin has collected information about Finnish nationals who distinguished themselves for bravery when serving in the U.S. armed forces.

The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War and is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. The recipients must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States.

Six Finnish nationals, five with a Swedish Finn background have received the Medal of Honor. Since its inception in 1861, 3472 individuals have received the medal (the last to receive the Medal of Honor was Army specialist Salvatore A. Giunta in September 2010 for action in Afghanistan). Finnish recipients are Axel Sundquist from Jakobstad, Johannes Anderson from Björköby, Henry Hendrickson from Björneborg, Nick Erickson from Hammarland, Åland and Axel Westermark from Borgå. The sixth recipient, John Eglit of Lithuanian background was born in Finland.

Axel Sundquist received his medal in recognition of bravery during a minesweeping operation in the Spanish-American war in 1898. Eglit, Erickson, Hendrickson and Sundquist received their Medal of Honor for bravery during a raid to cut telegraph lines in the same war.

Axel Westermark was awarded the medal for his actions during the Boxer rebellion in China during the 55 day siege in the year 1900.

Johannes Andersson received his medal of honor for single handedly capturing a machine gun nest and taking 23 POW’s during WWI.

Ärans Medalj is Olin’s 15th in a series of popular historical books. His other books have focused on Finnish emigration to Alaska, Oregon, California, Rocky Mountains, South America, the West Indies and South Africa. One book is about the New Sweden colony.

Source: K-G Olin, Ärans Medalj, Olimex, Jakobstad, Finland 2010
ISBN 978-952-9600-20-5

12-04-11, 08:27
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