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June Pelo
07-05-11, 21:02
Could a nuclear disaster like the one in Japan happen in Finland? Finland's new Oikiluoto nuclear power plant is scheduled to come online in 2013. The project manager says, "We have so many backup systems that the kind of accident like in Japan could not happen." The 1600 megawatt European Pressurized Reactor is being built at Oikiluoto by the French Areva company. France gets 80% of its electricity from nuclear power.

Nokia has 46 patent infringement lawsuits against Apple, mainly relating to the Apple iphone and ipad.

The "THINK City" electric car, which is assembed in Elkhart, Indiana, comes from kits manufactured in Uusikaupunki/Nystad, Finland.

A Finnish-American study, started in 1994, revealed that participants who started smoking by the age of 12 or earlier were 26 times more likely to start using drugs by the age of 17 than those who never smoked.

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