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David Bawden
10-05-11, 19:30
In my research I've run across these symbols and am trying to figure out how they were assigned or passed on. My great grandmother used the one that looked like a modified "4" after her name on a legal document. Others show up on objects around the farm to shown ownership. A nephew on the same farm had a completely different one. I noticed that brothers had the same and/or similar bomärke.

Did both a husband and wife use the same bomärke or did they have separate ones?

Were they passed on to your children or could each child have there own?

What are the "rules" for its use?

June Pelo
10-05-11, 20:26

I'm attaching an article about them. I have examples of those used by my great grandfather. I am also attaching examples of marks used on old articles found in an old house - items such as a dough bowl, loom, etc. I used to know someone who knew a lot about the marks, but have lost contact with him. Hope someone else can tell more about them.

David Bawden
11-05-11, 06:40
Thanks June, The article answered most of my questions. Discovering these family bomarke adds another important piece to my research. I'll be using some of your article in the book I am writing about my immigrant grandparents and the family they left behind.