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11-05-11, 14:07
I'm just wondering, does anyone know if the Research Directory is closed on the Genealogy Society of Finland site? The last addition was March 3, 2011. There used to be additions quite often, it was always interesting to see if there was a name that may be in my ancestry. Thank you in advance.

12-05-11, 07:53
As far as I know it is not closed. No new entries may indicate that there have been no new postings.

On thing you might consider is to take a look at the small database on display here (http://suku.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?t=12690) at the Suku Forum, the Finnish/Swedish sister forum also hosted by the GSF. The database is open only for members since it shows two fields from every member's "User profile" - thus you must register and be granted access before using. Clicking the link without being logged in as user at the Suku Forum thus will give you an error message only. The listing shows what member of Suku Forum is interested in what area and what family names. The user name is recorded in the profiles of every forum member and is thus searchable when logged in.

At the moment there are some 6800 members on the Suku Forum and many of those has entered their interests into their user profile field?

Btw - have you entered your interests into the user fields on the Finlander Forum? If everybody would do this we would have an interesting collection of data to search from when in need. You can edit your profile here (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/profile.php?do=editprofile").

12-05-11, 15:58
Hasse, I just thought it was so long since the last posting that there must be another reason besides no one having anything to add. In the past, additions were much more frequent. Thank you for your response.

22-05-11, 15:58
I wondered awhile back about the lack of new entries on the Research Directory on the Genealogy Society of Finland site, now it is no longer available...It's too bad, this was such a good part of the site. Does anyone know why this has happened?

June Pelo
22-05-11, 18:23

If you check the former Finngen page here you'll notice they've been removing many of the webpages of interest, and so far I haven't noticed they have replaced them - maybe in Finnish somewhere, but not in English. I used to refer to them almost daily...

23-05-11, 14:45
Seems like the old Research Directory now is off line as you say.

I'll try to figure out what the status is. Maybe the old Research Directory yet will rise from the ashes... perhaps in another form.


23-05-11, 15:35
Thank you Hasse! I hope it comes back too....I wish the whole Genealogy Society of Finland site would come back like it was years ago, in English.