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20-01-04, 21:54
When I was young, my Swede-Finn grandmother would make something she called "feel-ay". (Sorry, I don't know how to spell it - just sounded it out!) We had fresh milk and cream each day so she would smear a culture (from a friend/neighbour?) on a bowl, pour in fresh,warm milk right from the milk pail and let it sit in the cupboard overnight. What appeared was a bowl of yogurt (as we know it today) with a skin of dried cream on top. Sometimes we would put fruit on it.

Karen Norwillo
20-01-04, 23:22
We, too, were raised on fili, or however it's spelled. Mom always made it and the starter was passed on to many friends and relatives. My Dad liked it plain, while others put sugar and cinnamon on it, or fruit.

23-01-04, 17:35
You might be surprised but here in Russia it is also a very popular drink (?) though with quite a different name!


June Pelo
23-01-04, 18:23
Karen and Claire,

Back in Oct. 2003, there was a discussion on Finlander about fil, filé, filbunke along with a picture of filbunke bowls. You can find the mail in the old "Chit Chat" mail.