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Karen Norwillo
22-01-04, 18:25
Does anyone have him in their database? He was a merimies, which I think is a seaman. He was supposedly married to my cousin's grandmother Edla Westerlund of Björnborg/Pori in the 1880's. Karen

22-01-04, 19:22
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Pori - Björneborg - married

Years 1875 - 1890
Man's first name: GUSTAV => Gustaf
Man's last name: SAMULIN => Samulin
Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

2.7.1887 Kaup: srk: Merimies Gustav Laurentius Samulin vuokraajan tytär Edla Sofia Westerlund

Henrik Mangs

22-01-04, 19:25
Pori - Björneborg - christened

Father's first name: GUSTAV => Gustaf
Father's last name: SAMULIN => Samulin
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

9.6.1890 19.6.1890 Kaup: Merimies Gustav Samulin v:mo Edla Sofia Westerlund 35 Edith Sigrid

28.2.1892 6.3.1892 Kaup: Merimies Gustaf Laurentius Samulin v:mo Edla Sofia Westerlund 37 Irene Ingeborg

12.5.1893 7.6.1893 Kaup: Merimies Gustaf Laurentius Samulin v:mo Edla Sofia Westerlund 39 Elsa Maria

Henrik Mangs

Karen Norwillo
22-01-04, 21:46
Henrik, Thank you so much for the fast reply. Can you tell me what vuokraajan means? I know tytär is daughter in Finn. Karen

Gita Wiklund
09-02-04, 22:15
Hi Karen,

I don´t know if you already got the answer to you question, but vuokraajan = leaseholder, tenant In swedish= arrendator
and yes, merimies= seaman