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29-05-11, 14:30
You have been so helpful with my paternal grandparents. These are my Mom's parents:

Alexander Kaipianen (changed to Johnson) born 10 July 1876 in Viborg, came to the US in 1897.

Mary Kaukainen (changed to Erikson) born 6 January 1885, near Viborg, came to the US in 1905 and married my grndfather 8 May 1909. She had a brother, Simon, and sisters Sophie, Walborg and Emily.

I'm looking for information on ancestors as well as any family that may still be in Finland.
Thank you for your help, Sandra Kinsey

02-06-11, 14:51
Birth record for Alexander Kaipiain, born 10.7.1876, parents Johan Kaipiain and Hilda Sofia Nevalain

Johan Jonasson Kaijnain and Hilda Sofia Nevalainen were married 30.4.1871

03-06-11, 01:51
Thank you. My family tree is gowing! Sandra

03-06-11, 04:16
From HisKi...

5 children born to Johan Kaipiain and Hilda Sofia Nevalainen, but there may have been others.

Johan Kaipiainen died 26.4.1883, but unknown if the same person.

Karen Norwillo
03-06-11, 17:35
Here's your Kaukianin family in Säkkijärvi, Kaukiala No4.
Found births of Maria, Simon and Sophia. Maria's parents were Erik Fredriksson Kaukianin 24.9.1855 and Helena Johansdotter. 26.?.1856.
Erik's parents were Fredrik Mattsson Kaukianin and Maria Henriksdotter. Fredrik 2.9.1822 and Maria 24.1.1824. There is also a sister of Fredrik on the attached rippi image in 1870-1879. Ulrika Mattsdotter 1.11.1822. Erik Fredriksson has siblings Anna Fredriksdotter 4.8.1852, Anders Fredriksson 24.11.1858, Samuel Fredriksson 14.8.1861, Sophia 21.8.1865, Matts 23.3.1870 and Jonas 16.3.1873.
This is from FFHA and Hiski.

Karen Norwillo
03-06-11, 18:04
Here's a rippi for 1849-1860.
Fredrik Mattsson from Kaukeain farm (old sp.) and Maria Henriksdotter from Karval village, Kangas Kolka farm were married 15.12.1850 in Säkkijärvi.

04-06-11, 02:52
Thank you all for information re: to the Kaipiainen and Kaukiainen families. My parents and all my Finnish grandparents have died and researching my family's heritage is very important to me and my children. I know that my mother regularly sent Christmas gifts to family in Finland but I have no idea who or where these relatives may be. I appreciate any help. Thank you again. Sandra Kinsey

Karen Norwillo
04-06-11, 15:30
You're quite welcome. I believe this is the full birthdate of Helena Johansdotter 26.10.1856. The only matching birth in Säkkijärvi is 26.10.1856 Sandapukki, Johan Påhlsson and Sofia Joransdotter ...Helena. (Hiski) I found a marriage for a Wärden Johan Pohlson (Påhlsson) and Sofia Joransdotter from Lavala (village), Sipilä (farm) in 1854. Found them in the 1849-1860 rippi for Säkkijärvi at Sandapukki, Påhl Jonasson 28.1.1780 (father of Johan), Johan Påhlsson 1805, Sofia Joransdotter 1812, says married 1854, she's from Lavala, Sipilä. All matches. Does not show Helena, but that may be due to her age. They often didn't count the children under confirmation age.
There are several children that could be Johan's from a previous marriage. Yes, Johan was previously married 6.11.1825 to Christina Andersdotter of Laihj. Mäkäl. They had 4 children, Michel 1826, Matts 1829, Walborg 1843 and Erik 1850 before she died 4.2.1854 at 52 of svulnad (tumor) There probably were other children in that big gap from 1829-1843.

06-06-11, 01:09
Again, thank you. I am so dependent on the kindness of wonderful strangers to help with my search for family. I wish I still spoke Finnish - as a toddler it was my first language. I'm left with only a few words. Kiitos! Sandra