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June Pelo
31-05-11, 03:27
Anders Mattsson Myhrman, b. 19 May 1888, Purmo, d. 27 Mar 1988, Lewiston, Maine, married to Mildred Etta Beckman, b. 16 Aug 1909, New Hampshire. Anders emigrated to the US 1910. He married 1935 somewhere in the US and they had two children, born probably in Maine:
a son, name not known, and a daughter Brita Johanna, b. 30 Aug 1936 in Maine. Brita married a Harry Miller and they had a daughter M. K. Miller, b. 1962. Is it possible to find out if there are any living members of the Myrhman family? There's a need to contact the descendants concerning copyright to the book their father wrote.

31-05-11, 07:48

Arne Nylund has two children named in his collection in Talko.

The boy, M. A. seems to have an address in Tucon, AZ. He can be found via


Listed with wife


June Pelo
31-05-11, 16:24
Thanks, Hasse. I'll check it out.

05-09-11, 20:17
There are at least two names in our telephone catalogue with that name in Íverpurmo. I'm convinced that they are related.