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31-05-11, 09:23
Posten Åland (http://www.posten.ax/department.con?iPage=55&m=1203), ie. the postal service on at island of Åland issued a new stamps series in 2011 honoring the Åland born comic book writer.


"Paul Gustavson was born as Paul Gustafson in Åland, Finland. He and his family emigrated to the USA when Gustafson was 5 years old. There, he studied civil engineering at Manhattan's Cooper Union. From the age of 17, he worked as the apprentice of cartoonist Frank Owen, whom he assisted on 'Filbert'. He eventually joined the Harry "A" Chesler Shop for a period of 2 years. There, he commenced his career as a comic book artist, working in a studio with Jack Cole, Mort Meskin, Gill Fox, Fred Guardineer, Charles Biro and Bob Wood. Afterwards, he went to work through Funnies Inc." (source (http://lambiek.net/artists/g/gustafson_paul.htm))