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31-05-11, 16:57
Hello! I wondered awhile back why the Research Directory wasn't available on The Genealogical Society of Finland site. I received an email from Juha Vuorela, " It was discontinued because of serious technical problems. We are hoping to recover the data to a different database. This will take several days or weeks."
He suggested I use the Suku Forum, because, he said that there is a user database where people have put similar information as was in the Research Directory.
Well, I went to the site, and, can someone tell me how to find what he was talking about? My Finnish is very limited, so, is there a way to get Suku Forum in English?
Thank you in advance!

31-05-11, 21:37
As with this forum, the language of the user interface can be set to English, Swedish, Finnish - and Spanish (on Suku Forum). This can be done per session (at the bottom of the page) or can be selected when you register. If not chosen when register Suku Forum's default language is Finnish. - Can be changed in the User Profile at a later stage also.

The Research directory of the Suku Forum members can be found here (http://suku.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?t=12690). Of course - if you aren't a Suku Forum member and logged in you will get an error message when trying to access the page.