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Carol Langer
02-06-11, 19:51
“Egen Lyckas Smed” by K-G Olin
how can I buy/or look at a copy of this book?
Im told many of my swedish relatives are mentioned in and around Astoria, OR in this book
Carol Matson-Langer

June Pelo
02-06-11, 21:05
K-G Olin has written a number of books.. here's his page about Egen Lyckas Smed:

I have the book; it's in Swedish; has lists of names as well as articles.

03-06-11, 21:35
K-G left some copies of Egen Lyckas Smed and also Alaska del I [the russian era] with me to sell, since the postage from Finland is so high. There is only one of each remaining.

Where do you live? The cost of the book is US$48. Plus I would have to find out postage. And probably insurance. It's kind of a heavy book.

Please contact me at The Swedish Finn Historical Society