View Full Version : Hilma and Heikki

June Pelo
07-06-11, 21:15
Hilma and Heikki were watching the evening news on TV about a drug bust conducted on some young people at a nearby town.

Hilma: I'm so glad we didn't have to deal with drugs when we were young.

Heikki: I had to deal with a drug problem when I was a kid.

Hilma: You what?

Heikki: Oh jaa, I was drug to church on Sunday mornings, and I was drug to family reunions and social gatherings. I was drug to the kitchen to help to do dishes, and out to the garden to help pull out weeds.

If I disrespected my mom, she would say that dad will deal with me when he gets home.

And I was drug to the woodshed by the ear if I told a lie, or if I brought home a bad report card. Jaa, Hilma, I know all about drug problems.