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June Pelo
07-06-11, 21:29
Adults in Finland rank fifth in knowledge of English in countries where English is not the national language. The index ranks Norway first, folllowed by The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The top five were the only countries where adults have very high proficiency. They are all small and prosperous countries whose national languages are not widespread around the world. The Asian countries rank poorly; India is at about the same level as China.
FAR June 2011

Russians and Americans are the most generous travelers, according to a new survey of hotels. They don't stint when it comes to choice of hotels. People from Finland are more economical and chose the least expensive hotels when they travel. They share the same place as the Germans. The South Africans spend 66 euro per night at a hotel. The Americans and Russians spend nearly twice as much, about 121 euro per night. Finlanders pay 98 euro and the Swedish pay 14 euro more per night. But Finlanders pay 100 euro per night in their own country, and the French spend 136 euro per night in France.
Norden 26 May 2011