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08-06-11, 01:55
I am looking for immigration information on brothers Michel Timmerholm born in 1879 and his brother Simon Johan Timmerholm born 1873. Michel was in America prior to October 1904, Simon may have come over later. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Karen Norwillo
15-06-11, 18:06
I found Michel listed on the Book Indexes to Boston Passenger Lists 19 Jan 1905. He is also listed on Migration Institute.
31-12-1904 Astraea from Finland, 7-1-1905 Cymric from England. Again 29-1-1910 Urania, 5-2-1910 Ionia. Both Michel's 1879 Vörå.
I found a WWI Draft Card for Simon Johan Timmerholm in Michigan. Gives contact as Ida Negblom. Can't find either after that. There are several references to a John Timmerholm, sailor, on the west coast, CA Passenger Lists from 1918-1920. Birth year matches.
Simon Timmerholm was issued a passport in Finland 7.12.1899 to Amerikka. Not on a passenger list. Maybe left through Sweden to Canada. Just a thought.
cuz Karen

June Pelo
15-06-11, 19:07
I have no info.... just wanted to say that I noticed the ship from Finland to England was the Astraea, which is the same ship my father sailed from Finland to England in 1909.

Karen Norwillo
15-06-11, 21:43
Forgot to say his destination both times was Worcester, Mass.
Also, on the bottom of Simon's passport info, under "comments" it says sotap. suoriettu. Any translations? I couldn't find it anywhere.
It's not shown on the page of explanations of abbreviations that I could see.

16-06-11, 01:41
Hi Karen

Thanks so much for that information. Michel must have come over earlier than that the first time as he is actually the alias Michel Neblom / Negblom that married my grandfather's sister Ida Finström on October 15, 1904 in Escanaba. I finally made the connection from Ida's great granddaughter his name was actually Michel Timmerholm born in Maxmo. I had found a reference in the Zion Luthern Church books from Metropolitan that Ida's first and second husband's were brothers. Simon (Sam) Johanson Samson and Mike Neggblom. Michel must have made several trips back to Finland.


Karen Norwillo
16-06-11, 02:35
You're welcome. I never gave that a thought, despite all the earlier search we did for that elusive Mike Negblom.
Wonder when he got the name change? Well, that's more info to program into my tree. Nice to tie up loose ends.
I just looked at the Migration Institute records again. The Michel Timmerholm who went to Worcester is the wrong one. He was born 1883-1887. I did find Michel's passport issued 14.04.1898. So Michel came a year before his brother Simon. Sorry, I subtracted wrong when I looked at them before. Simon's passport info says 1873, Michel's says 1879.

16-06-11, 22:34
Hi again Karen

After looking at the entries on Talko, it looks like his mother Anna Lisa Johansdotter Sundsten born Sept. 24, 1841 died in Vörå October 21, 1888, so Michel would only have been 9 years old. His father Simon Simonsson Timmerholm born December 1, 1843 and died September 27, 1889, so Michel would only have been 10 with no parents. He must have been raised by his Aunts and Uncles, perhaps thats where he came up with the name Neblom / Negblom.


Karen Norwillo
17-06-11, 15:34
Yes, there are matching births on Hiski in Maxmo for the parents. Anna Lisa was born in Östero, Maxmo to Johan Johansson and Beata Mårtensdotter. Simon was born Timmerholm farm, Maxmo to Simon Michelsson and Maja Brita Simonsdotter.

24-06-11, 14:35
Hi Karen

The comments "sotap suoriettu" may mean military consent? Can any one provide a better translation?


Tapio Rautio
24-06-11, 17:37
Bud, it could be asepalvelu...