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09-06-11, 11:48
Hi, My research on my Great Grandfather has lead me to Finland. He was Claes Otto Falk, born on 29 August 1846 in Stockholm Sweden. Claes Otto (sometimes name is written Klas) disappeared from Swedens household records in 1856/57 while his father Claes Bernhard Falk still appeared in Household records. Claes Bernhard eventually moved to Helsinki in 1858 and on 16 Oct 1859 married Josepha Carolina Lönnbeck (Lönnback?)(found on Hiski). Claes Bernhard and Josepha had a daughter Hulda Maria Apollonia Falk born 25 March 1865 in Helsinki. After finding the records at http://www.digiarkisto.org I searched the birth records for Huldas birth and found a reference to page in communion book, Book I page 967.(this all done on purely guess work) Unfortunately that book for the years 1856 to 1869 have not been digitized.(is it still existing?) But the years 1870 to 1881 have and on page 967 of book I (0ne) appears Klas Otto Falk a seaman. Claes Bernhard, Josepha, and daughter had moved back to Stockholm in 1866 so I didn't expect to find them. But i was surprised to find Claes (Klas) Otto. So thats where he went, but when and why? He was only 10/11 when I lost track of him in Sweden. I have a few questions to answer and hopefully with the help of this forum, maybe I will be able to answer them.


Ingemar Ekman
10-06-11, 07:22
In communion book for Norra Råda, Värmland 1881- 1885 page 407, Hagfors bruk I found this family:
Jernarbetare Klaes Bernhard Falk b 22/4 1822 in Asker, Nyköping, he was married 2nd time 22/7 1876 with
Amalia Andersdotter b 22/4 1854
Daughter in his first marriage was Olga Josefina Vilhelmina b 6/8 1867 in Stockholm
and in his second marriage 6 children were born 1874-1885
See enclosed picture from ArkivDigital
Do you think this is your Klaes Bernhard Falk?
Best regards, Ingemar

12-06-11, 00:06
Thank you Ingemar,

This is Claes Bernhard Falks family.

I should have mentioned in the intro that I have researched the Swedish records and followed Claes Bernhard through to his death.

I am grateful for the translation of this record though. I had guessed that the words in front of the children had something to do with which marriage they were from. Its interesting that Claes was actually onto his third marriage at this time.

I am searching the Finnish records for Claes Otto Falk because I have a time period of between 1856 and 1881 I cannot account for him.

Thank you again for taking the time to search.


Ingemar Ekman
12-06-11, 08:08
I was thinking it was your family in Sweden. I checked also in the following records in Sweden and noticed that they got more children including a son that also got the name Klas Otto born 1887. Claes Bernhard died 1897 and his wife Amalia died 1900. According to the Cd of death 1901-2009: 4 of their children died 1915-1966 in Sweden.

14-06-11, 01:24
I have found information for Klas Otto born 1887. He immigrated to US in 1904 and changed his name to Claude. He paid for his sister Wendla/Vendla to immigrate in 1913. I think Matilda immigrated as well. I have found 2 deaths in Sweden through Ancestry.com. Amanda Falk and Karl Albert Falk both appearing in deaths 1946-2006. These don't have dates. I would appreciate the details of the 4 who died in Sweden.

I thought it was strange too, that someone would name another son with the same name. my Claes Otto Falk born 1846 changed his name to Charles Otto Falcon. I suppose since Claes Otto (1846) was 41 when the second Klas Otto was born, not in Sweden anymore and had changed his name (although I dont know if he still had contact with his father) there would be no reason why Claes Bernhard wouldn't name another son after him.
I also have a query in the section http://finlander.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?7846-Klas-Otto-Falk-and-questions-about-Helsinki-rippikirja. This is where I found my Klas Otto (1846) in Finland as a seaman. I'm not sure if this was the right place to put it.

Thank you