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09-06-11, 12:36
I have found my great grandfather Klas Otto Falk in Helsinki rippikirja 1870-1881 I Mko 136-169, on page 967 on http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/helsinki/rippikirja_1870-1881_mko136-169/965.htm. My question about the book is what area does it cover? There doesn't appear to be any addresses in this book so I do not know what area in Helsinki it is. In book III there appears to be address/ areas. Going on birth records Klas father Claes Bernhard should be on page 967 but in the 1856-1869 I book ( Claes Bernhard moved back to Sweden in 1866). Is this book existing? as it has not been digitized.

I hope someone can shed light on this as I have been going around in circles trying to understand the areas/districts in Helsinki.

Thank you.
Jenny Kerr

24-08-11, 22:14
Hi Jenny!

Here comes some links for you to "Helsinki rippikirjat". I try to find out where Klas Otto lived In Helsinki.

Book I 1856-1869 http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=10193819

Book II 1856-1869 http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=10195414

Book III 1856-1869 http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9005507

Greatings from Finland,

Anneke K

25-08-11, 08:54
Hi Anneke,
Thank you very much for the links. I have found the family there on page 992 of Book I and there is an address. in the 2nd Stadsdelen.
I had looked at that website before but with very little knowledge of the language I was going around in circles. Could you please translate Helsingin ruotsalais-suomalaisen seurakunnan arkisto for me please.

Thank you once again

Jenny from New Zealand

25-08-11, 14:31
Hi Jenny,

on the page 992 in Communion Book I 1856-69 I found following information; Karl Bernhard and his new wife Josefa Carolina Lönnbäck, Karl Bernhard's adopted son Herman Justus (adopted before marriage with Josefa Carolina). I found from HisKi data base time to the marriage 16.10.1859 (in Helsinki). As you said the went to Stockholm year 1866.
Klas Otto has been in that address Brungatan (=Kaivokatu) years 1862-1863. Only communion mark is dated 14.6.1863. He went to Sweden but there isn't any date for that. Reason why there is not that much information of Klas Otto is his profession as a seaman.
I try to get more information...

Anneke K

30-08-11, 14:31
thank you Anneke,

I have been looking for seaman records but cant find Klas Otto.

There is also a question about Claes Bernhards adopted son, Herman Justus actually being in Finland as there are records in Sweden showing he was adopted to another family in this time period. Herman was actually Claes step son from another marriage. Why would they say he was with Claes when he was in Sweden?

Thanks again for your help


30-08-11, 17:39
Hi Jenny,

here comes some small finds. I found nices panorama pictures of Helsinki/Helsinfors taken year 1908. So you can see how it looks like. The house where Claes Bernhard lived with his family is already gone but anyway time traveling is funny. I hope you like it too.


Claes Bernhard marriage with Josefa Karolina Lönnmark 16.10.1859. Josefa was also a widow when they married Claes and Josefa lived in same house as Josefa's parents. Also in the same address where Johan Magnus Lönnbäck and Johan Justus Sjöholm. I need to do more tracing to find Herman Justus.


31-08-11, 00:27
Hi Anneke

Thank you for your hard work and for the link. Its always interesting looking at historical pictures.

I have a question about the comments " Claes Bernhard marriage with Josefa Karolina Lönnmark 16.10.1859. Josefa was also a widow when they married Claes and Josefa lived in same house as Josefa's parents. Also in the same address where Johan Magnus Lönnbäck and Johan Justus Sjöholm. I need to do more tracing to find Herman Justus." Where did you get this information from? From the Helsinki rippikirja? or some other source? Just would like to know so I can understand the records. And is the name Johan Justus Sjöholm right, or should it be Herman Justus Sjöholm?

Thank you


31-08-11, 02:28
Hi again Jenny,

time of marriage 16.10.1859 to Claes Bernhard and Josfa Karolina I found from HisKi data base. When they were both widows then. From the communion book I saw that in the same address lived Josefa's father Johan Magnus Lindbäck (born 1779 obit 30. June 1865) and his wife Eva Fredrika Lindman (born 18. December 1799- obit 6. June 1858. So Josefa was widow of someone who's surname was Lönnbäck and from that marriage was Josefa's son Magnus Lönnbäck. But I'm not sure at this moment who's son was Herman Justus Sjöholm. They all lived in same house. The place of that house is today under a road west side of Helsinki central railway station. That block where they lived was called Hilleri (Polecat). At that time all blocks were named to some animal. I couldn't found reason why. To day that area is middle of Helsinki, but in year 1860 it was the last point of civilization before countryside. I'm still tracing information of Herman Justus but those church records are so large that it take time. Those communion books have a lot errors so I have to check everything twice
Hey this is not work! I enjoy this tracing and all those travels to the old times and places. Just wish me good luck


31-08-11, 09:33

I found Klas Bernhard Falk and Josefa Karolina Lönnbäck actual marriage entry


01-09-11, 02:13
Hi Anneke,

To answer the question of who Herman Justus Sjoholm was. His father was Johan Gustaf Sjoholm (died 1853) his mother was Margaretha Nord. Claes Bernhard Falk married Margaretha in Feb 1857 in Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholm , but Margaretha died in Nov 1857. So her son was left with Claes.

Some records we have on Herman Justus ( note: Hermans descendant has researched him to his death) I am helping filling in these gaps in his life.

25 Sept 1858 Moved out of Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholm, Sweden to Helsinki with Claes. GID# 2732.255.17900

Not sure of date between 1858 and 1859 In the home of Christina Ericsson. GID Number: 2732.242.12700 Hedvig Eleonora, stated as being fosterson.

29 Jun 1859 Adopted out to Johannes Martensson. From adoption records No 11167

1859-1868 Dimbo, Skaraborg, Sweden, With Johannes Martensson

So sometime between Sept 1858 And Jun 1859 he must have been sent back from Helsinki to Stockholm but the communion book in Helsinki do not show this. ( his name is still in the communion book for 1870) For what reason he was sent back is a mystery. Poor boy being only 7 years old and shuffled around, must have been a frighting thing to be put with people you don't know. He got into trouble when he was in his 20s in Sweden, so maybe these events affected him.

So I don't know if we will every know the reason or circumstances.

Thanks for searching.