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10-06-11, 18:27
I have attached a portion of communion record from Kurkela farm, Virrat parish, from 1811.

I have highlighted the names of Maria and Isaac. These are two children found living with relatives after the disappearance of thier parents. I was hoping the note after Isaacs name would give me clue to what happended to the parents.

I know from the 1800 record that they moved to Birkala/Pirkala. But no evidence and a couple of years later these two children show up living with relatives back in Virrat.

Any help would be appreciated.



Ritva Winter
29-06-11, 07:41
Maybe of some help:

'Born May or June 1802, .... older books born in (Jantten 7?, which seems to be the name of a farm)

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Ritva W