View Full Version : Mariehamn 150years celebration

Ingemar Ekman
20-06-11, 13:24
Do you originate from one of the thirtheen familes in Mariehamn 1861 when the town was founded. The descendants will be invited for coffee and cake 13 Aug 2011 at 2 PM.
You can check the thirteen descendant trees in the PDFs on the home page http://ftp.mariehamn.ax/stadskansliet/150/ms_s_04.htm
English information coming below the Swedish text on the home page about the picnic.
Many of the descendants are living today in USA. See the trees for Ross , Mellangårds and Henriksson as example.

June Pelo
06-09-11, 04:11
The latest issue of Norden newspaper has an article about the gathering held in Åland for the descendants of the 13 original settlers of Mariehamn. Ingemar Ekman was there with his computer, answering questions of the descendants. Ingemar sent me this link showing President Halonen when she was there: http://www.nyan.ax/nyheter/?news_id=64669&news_instance=2#.Tkdlba9_TAA.email also this link:
http://ftp.mariehamn.ax/stadskansliet/150/ms_s_04.htm the English translation is below the Swedish text.