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Päivi V.
20-06-11, 23:05

Kaarlo Petter Kinnunen (Kalle Kinnunen, Carl Kinnunen) from Oulu and Hannah (Johanna) Majurin from Norway were married in 1904 in Hancock Michigan. Hannah was born about1883 in Norway, her father's name was Erik and her mother's Kreeta.

Does anyone have information about the date and place of her birth?

Kaarlo and Hannah had an adopted son Paul and three own daughters Gertrude (Kerttu), whose married name was Dolkey, Martha, married name Pieti and Bertha, married name Luttinen. Could anyone give me more information about this family?

Päivi V.

Karen Norwillo
21-06-11, 03:35
Found your Kinnunen family in Michigan 1910-1920-1930. In 1910, he is Charles Kinnunen, in 1920-1930, he uses Peter. Kalle Pekka Junonpk. Kinnunen obtained passport 06.03.1900, which matches census records. Also found Bertha Luttinen and her husband Theodore A Luttinen and son Theodore Jr in 1930 in Sherman, Keweenaw, MI.
Images attached. The 1930 for Peter and family is on two images.

Karen Norwillo
21-06-11, 04:00
Here's the marriage image for Kalle P Kinnunen and Johanna K Majuren 10 Aug 1904. From Family Search Michigan Marriages 1868-1925. Film #2342667, folder #4208675, image #285, ref #v2p197rn404.
Bertha's husband, Theodore Alexander Luttinen was born 1903 in Calumet, MI, son of Alexander Luttinen and Susanna Kivela. He died 12 Oct 1966 Grant township, Keweenaw, MI.

Karen Norwillo
21-06-11, 04:22
Bertha A Luttinen born 1 Jan 1910, died 10 Jun 1985 Farmington Hills, Oakland, MI lived in Livonia, Wayne, MI
Martha A Pieti 9 May 1905, died 14 Oct 1991 Larium, Houghton, MI lived in Allouez, Keweenaw, MI
Gertrude A Dolkey 12 May 1912, died 18 Jun 1997 Allouez, Keweenaw, MI
Theodore Luttinen 10 Dec 1928 died Aug 1977 in Redford, Wayne, MI.

Karen Norwillo
21-06-11, 15:29
I found this on Ancestry which is a possible match to Johanna's family in 1900. It's in the correct part of the country and possible that she used Anna back then. Father Erik, but mother listed as Christina. Unless it's an error on the taker's part. Birth year possible match to Johanna.

Karen Norwillo
21-06-11, 16:18
I found matching birth records for all the Majurin children born in Michigan. Images available on Family Search. Parents listed as Erick Majurin and various forms of Christine Martha, Martha Christine, just Martha, surname Meltaus. If you think this may be the correct family and can't get the images, I will post.

Tapio Rautio
21-06-11, 22:31
Hi Karen and Päivi!

Here is a link to Meltaus in Rovaniemi. Too bad that the later books does not tell what happened to Marta Kristina Olofsdaughter Meltaus,
born 24.03.1862 in Rovaniemi. All that i can see happening later, is that she was not present, when the priest was doing his housecalls.

Might be it, or not..?



Päivi V.
21-06-11, 23:17
Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for your interest in tracing my relatives in Michigan. You have been very helpful. As for the daughters of Kalle/Charles Kinnunen the information that I already have matches with the attached images. Kalle Kinnunen was my mother's uncle and Gertrude, Bertha and Martha her cousins.

Bertha Luttinen's son Theodore b. 1928 is in my records by the first name Al, also born 1928 and I asuppose it must be the same person.

I am not quite 100% sure if the Majurin family in the census records is the correct family. It may be and it propably is but in that case the mother's name Kreeta S. in the marriage record of Johanna and Kalle Kinnunen can't be correct. The name Anna in the census record must be an error if the family is the one I am looking for.

I could not get the birth record images and would be glad if you could post. I ordered Ancestry last year and found quite a lot of information but now I am having a break.


Karen Norwillo
22-06-11, 02:17
I wouldn't be bothered too much by the Anna in 1900. It's quite possible the person giving the info to the census taker had an accent and really said Hanna, but they wrote what they heard. I found those Majurin births on Family Search.org, the LDS site.

Karen Norwillo
22-06-11, 02:37
I'm going to have to do these in several posts due to size. Some of them give Martha Chistina's place of birth as Norway, others Finland. All same person.

Karen Norwillo
22-06-11, 02:38
Next image.

Karen Norwillo
22-06-11, 02:41
Next. Also found her marriage in 7 Oct 1916 to John Heikkinen.

Karen Norwillo
22-06-11, 02:48
Next image.Also, Robert E Majurin married Mary Wistala 26 Aug 1917 in Calumet, MI.
Louise Jenny(Jennie) married Eric Herman Laplander 24 Jul 1915 in Calumet, MI. Many misspellings of Meltaus.

Tapio Rautio
22-06-11, 08:13
Good morning!

This is what my friend Bente P. from Norway came up with from:

The first picture nr.8 25.04.1883 Johanna Katharina, the second picture couple nr. 5.

The family went from Vadsö to Trondheim and the overseas in 1890, the children registered, Maria and Johan..?



Karen Norwillo
22-06-11, 19:45
Wonderful, Tapio. This confirms the family I found in 1900 is the correct Majurin. I wonder why the mother's name is incorrect on Johanna's marriage?

Tapio Rautio
22-06-11, 20:16
Karen, who knows, but Erik Wilhelm Majorins mothers name was Greta Johanna, maybe some confusion came from that?

There are other strange things with these families, family members of Majorins in Kemi and Meltaus in Rovaniemi are fishing in Norway,
but at the same time they are listed in the respective rippikirja´s..

Here is Eriks parents, his father was a tailor.




Päivi V.
22-06-11, 23:32
Thank you very much Karen and Tapio. Now I have the information I was looking for - and much more.