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A-M Löfdahl
23-01-04, 22:49
Stubbrösl-Ruths byaforskare i Oravais / Vår Hemby 1803-2003 ( Our home village )

”Stubbrösl-Ruths byaforskare” have collected a lot of material about Ruths Nr 16 och Wäst Nr 5 in north Oravais in this book.
The book contains among others a chapter about all the 69 houses that has existed in the village the last 200 years. Here you can find much genealogy. Stories about all the families who lived in the village and also information about their descendants.
There are also a listing of people who emigrated from the village; most of them to the USA, Canada and Sweden.
The book contains many articles about peoples work and important men and women from the past. Villagers also tell their own memories.

The book also contains many nice old photos.

Surnames that show up often:
Wäst, Nybäck, Nylund, Stenbacka, Holgers, Eriksson, Olin, Sundsten, Strand, Perämäki, Westin, Wallin, Ruths, Renlund, Wiik, Jåfs, Hägglund, Backlund m.fl.

The book is in swedish, 300 pages, 25€.