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June Pelo
22-06-11, 21:44
Gold production in Finland has tripled during the past year. Finnish mines produced ca 15 tons of gold. The mine in Kittillä, largest in Europe, plans to double production. A new mine will open in Brahestad next year, and a new mine is planned in Kuusamo that will begin production next year. The rising price of gold has made operations profitable.

Russian Julia Sherstyuk bought two bottles of the old Åland champagne for 54,000 euro. She owns a Russian luxury restaurant in Singapore. One bottle auctioned for 30,000 euro and the other went for 24,000. It is thought that the ship carrying the champagne was on its way to the Russian Tsar when it sank south of Föglö.

In 2010 Matts Toivonen found a tree trunk in Finström Svartsmara that could be 2,500 years old and could be the oldest in Åland. Hans Linderson of Lund University was very impressed.

Finland has the most forests in the EU and this is significantly important for the economy of the paper industry. 77% of the ground in Finland is covered by forests. Sweden is next with 76%.

The British newspaper Monocle said that Helsinki/Helsingfors is the worlds' best city in which to live, followed by Zurich and Copenhagen. Stockholm was listed in 11th place.