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24-06-11, 12:02
]Läs om Friis-ättlingarna Eva och Lasse Sandströms resa i Lars Friis´ fotspår. Det finns i ett album bestående av 12 bilder och texter med titeln Lars Friis - resa i Ostrobotnia juni 2011

24-06-11, 13:23
Tack Lasse!

Jag tog mig friheten och friserade om din text lite - eller egentligen bilderna som du också inkoporerade i inlägget. Satte till länk till albumet dit du uppladdade bilderna.

You can find Lasse's album from the link in his message - or directly here Eva and Lasse Sandström's trip in the footsteps of Lars Friis

24-06-11, 14:26
Tack, tack, det blev jättebra! Hur gör jag i fortsättningen för att få länken så fint klickbar som du gjorde den?

June Pelo
24-06-11, 15:48

It's very interesting to see the pictures taken during your Friis journey - especially to see my cousins Marita and Landry Willner in some of them. A lot of Finlander members are descendants of the Friis family - hope they study the pictures.. it's a pity the notes are in Swedish.

24-06-11, 16:44
June, I might translate the notes to English.

June Pelo
24-06-11, 21:12

I can read it, but I know the majority of members can't read Swedish.. so it would be nice if they could read it in English.

25-06-11, 09:37
Now it is translated. So every English speaking person also can read about our trip in Osterbotnia following our ancestor Lars Friis.

June Pelo
25-06-11, 14:12
Thanks, Lasse. I was going to suggest that you write an article about your trip, but I suppose you are saving that for your book?

26-06-11, 13:16
I´m not sure there will be a book yet. I continue the research and later on decide what the result will end in.