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Ingemar Ekman
23-01-04, 23:13

Please find enclosed pdf-file of about 60 Ålanders in USA about hundred years ago.

Page 1: A summary of a few Ålanders mentioned in the newspaper Finska Amerikanaren, submitted so far.

Page 2: A summary of some of the Ålanders recorded in the Swedish-American churches.

Best Regards,

24-01-04, 03:16
I have noticed some names from Åland in church membership records from time to time while searching at Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in Rock Island, Illinois
Have you certain ppl you are looking for?

24-01-04, 03:30
My parents' best friends were Olanders. They were Finnish descendants and were like my 2nd parents. I've traced back their parents in the US census but haven't asked them yet where they were from in Finland.

I was just wondering if "Olander" could have derived from Ålander? I know not every Finnish names translates into something, but it just made me wonder.

24-01-04, 05:33
I believe these are two distinct places. Öland is a long narrow island near the Swedish coast opposite Kalmar while the Åland group stretches between Sweden and Finland.
Å is pronounced similar to "aw" in saw and "o" in long and to American ears much like a long O so likely that's where saying Olander is derived.


Ingemar Ekman
24-01-04, 10:50
Regarding Swenson Swedish Immigration Center, it may refers to the parish Åland in Uppsala län, 5km east of Järlåsa. I hope soon to put queries of some of the people in my family tree I am looking for.

The name Olander is also found in Åland Finland ( Saltvik, Jomala, Finström, Lumparland) and some of them emigrated to Michigan.
The "emigrant-CD" lists 207 Olander and also 50 Olander is recorded in Wasa Ordern in USA. Have you any first names or state?


24-01-04, 17:06
Hi Ingemar,
It seems the emigrant patriarch was Alex(ander) Olander, born abt 1880. According to the 1910 census, he immigrated in 1902. His wife, Ida (Siltanen), was also Oct 1880 and immigrated with 4 yr old daughter, Lydia, in 1906.

In 1910, they were in Dickinson County, Michigan. They moved to Republic, Marquette County, Michigan sometime later and remained there the rest of their lives.

I just found Ida on Migration Institute as leaving from Hanko, so probably they weren't from Åland afterall, but thanks for checking.

June Pelo
24-01-04, 20:36
My grandfather's brother had a daughter Matilda who married a Christ Olander, b. 1868 - the family thought he was born in Sweden. The parents lived in Aitkin MN and had 11 children.


08-02-04, 06:39
Duh Kevin,
I thought we were talking about places and not people so I missed the boat on this thread.:(

btw, I just downloaded Ingmar's list of people from the island group Åland and because I've seen people listed as from that place in church records, I will have a tertiary task of trying to find people new to the list !


08-02-04, 17:51
Hi Chuck- I was confused initially as I thought it was about people too and not geography. But in any event, not knowing where my "Olanders" were from in Finland, I thought maybe they could've been from there.

As it turns out, Bob Mattson found Alex's wife's, Ida, ship arrival manifest and it turns out they're from Nurmijärvi. So now I have something to work towards....

Ingemar Ekman
08-02-04, 19:41
Hi Chuck,
According to the article “ De åländska kolonierna i Amerika” by Frank Blomfeldt has about 9000 Ålanders emigrated between the years 1860 – 1917 and 3000 between 1919 – 1930 to USA, totally 12000.
You mentioned about Swenson Swedish Immigration Center in Rock Island. Have they information of the Swedish speaking Finlanders that were members of the Swedish-American churches?

13-02-04, 01:11
I do not know of a separate listing. Today I made fotocopies of many pages from lst Lutheran in Iron Mountain, MI from which I will take the names:
Towns and # of people from each are:
Jomala 14
Hammarland 1
Sund, Sunds, Sunds fors. 19
Saltvik 5
Finström 3
Kattby 1
Geta 2
Emkarby 1
Tosarby 2
Långberg??? 1 [a father from here with others in family from Åland parishes]
Åland 1 [with Sundfors family]

Perhaps 50 individuals here.


Ingemar Ekman
13-02-04, 23:41
Interesting, Has Swenson Center any index of the members? I have been 4 days at the Swedish Emigrant Institute and hoped to find my grandmothers 4 brothers from Föglö, but so far I have only found their cousins. Please find attach some of the Ålanders at 1st Lutheran church in Iron Mountain, MI. Also a copy of the church record I found of my grandmother’s cousin from Sonboda (Föglö) and his wife fromTorp by ( Hammarland, Eckerö or Jomala). Their 5 children are born in Merril Wisconsin, 1893 –1900.

14-02-04, 04:03
http://delphi.eget.net/index.php?%C5landers%20at%20Iron%20Mountain%2C%20M I

At Iron Mountain MI in dbase format.


Ingemar Ekman
16-02-04, 23:21
Hi Chuck,
Thank you for the list. It corresponds with the names I have in Iron Mountain, MI ( 1st Luth. Church), but 10 was new. I hope later to send the whole list I have found of people from Åland in the Swedish-American churches.

17-02-04, 23:31
Hi Ingemar,
While checking Edenburg Lutheran in Malmo, NE, I found these people:

Karl Haglund, b. 4-25-1836 Sund fors
w. Anna Gustafson, b. 1-1-1836 Sund fors
d. Anna Viktoria sp?, no birthdate, Sund fors
d. Emeline Gustafva, b. 3-24-1868 Sund fors
d. Johanna Mathilda, b. 10-19-1874 Sund fors


Karen Douglas
18-02-04, 01:58
Hi! I have an uncle who was born on the Åland Islands. I believe that he was baptized in the Lutheran church in Brando. His name was Henrik Thure Bjorkfelt. He was born February 25, 1901. I think he emigrated to the USA - and New York City - sometime during the 1920s. Yet, I have been unable to find his name anywhere - even in the records on Ellis Island. Any suggestions? Karen %40sisuday%40aol.com

18-02-04, 03:19
Hi Karen,
He went by Ture and not Henrik so that's why you didn't find him. Almost always best to just put in a last name and see what happens.
I tried to look at the image of the original manifest but unfortunately they have put up the second half of the 2 pages so it only shows where people are from, lots and lots from Åland! I was surprised to see they had the boat to themselves:)

Oh, yea, ok, so no image from Ellis but that's common with them. They are becoming careless I think.
I made a printscreen and it is attached here for you.

I made a printscreen of line 6 of the manifest and posted it in the next posting.

18-02-04, 03:21
He is on line 6 and here's where he went in New York!


Karen Douglas
18-02-04, 15:10
Hi Chuck!

Thank you SO much for the information on "Ture" Bjorkfelt! I know his son will be especially pleased to have this information. :)

Have a great day!


18-02-04, 15:57
I've found that sometimes the images on Ellis Island are on multiple pages so I took a look. Sure enough, Thure's 1st page of information appeared on the following image. I've attached it below:

18-02-04, 18:37
Hej Kevin,

How did you find that first page with Ture's name upon it? Is it simply a matter of some link to "previous page" that will find it?
Hey, people looking for Åland Islanders will want to check it out because the 2nd page was loaded with people from the parishes there:)

Ingemar Ekman
18-02-04, 19:19
Hi Karen,
I found Thure Björkfeldt in the book "Families and farms in Brändö" written by Håkan Skogsjö and it is possible to follow his father's ancestors back to about 1660s. Thure's mother came from Kyrkslätt, Nyland, Finland. Two of Thure's siblings emigrated to Sweden ( brother Helge and sister Anna) and on the CD of Swedish poupulation 1970, I found their children and grandchildren born 1940 - 1964, living in Eskilstuna, Orrefors and Stockholm (1970). A brother Verner stayed in Brändö and was a sea captain, a long article and a photo of him is published in the book. Maybe you have this information already.

Ingemar Ekman
18-02-04, 19:34
Hi Chuck,
Thank you! It is distant cousins to me! Karl Haglund's wife Anna was born in Vårdö and she and I had some common ancestors. The books "Families and farms in Sund and in Vårdö" by Håkan Skogsjö have a lot of information about them. Karl Haglund was born in Tranvik Sund and the children were born in Finby, Sund. The whole family emigrated 1873 to Boston and a son emigrated 10 years later to USA.

18-02-04, 19:49
Hi Chuck,
Rather than hitting "Previous" which displayed a page without names on it, I just tried hitting "Next" and sure enough it appeared! Go figure.

Based on your suggestion, I'll post the entire page in case anyone is interested. At least the names are typewritten and easy to read. Since this image will be smaller in size, I'd suggest copying it to your local harddrive then enlarging.

18-02-04, 23:51
Hi Karen,
I was looking for somebody else and had no idea your Thure was there so I made a fotocopy for your friend:)

Hi Kev,
Thanks for the info and glad you posted the entire page.

Hej Ingemar,
Kool to find an ancestor of yours - somehow I just knew Ålander people would be special:)
Oh, and I will make a new page to this with some more Åland Islanders - they are everywhere!

btw: the writing on the image about Sigrid Bjorkfelt was taken from the funeral list - perhaps she is a relative here? I don't see this woman listed as a member but I could have missed her so maybe not a relative. Hmmm

19-02-04, 00:17
Bethelehem Covenant Church, Bronx NY Swenson # S80
Karl John Lindberg, b. 1-2-1887, d. 6-17-1951 Åland
Selma Ohman, b. 2-26-1880 Brändö
Ellen Wilson f.?, b. 2-4-1895 Mariehamn
Milda Peterson, b. 10-1-1888 Brändö
Elsa Peterson, b. 9-27-1887 Brändö
Carl Rosin, b.? Brändö recd 1924 here
Hanna Wilh. Spellman, b. 3-30-1881 Mariehamn, d. 1-1-1944
Amanda Henrikson, b.? Brändö recd 1920 here
Sadie Hägerstrand, b.? Mariehamn recd 1921 here
Ellen Elvira Sjöblom, b. 2-4-1895 Mariehamn
John Carlson, b. 3-5-1874 Wårdo
Peter Constantin Fredrikson, b. 5-23-1885 Brändö
Gust Carlson, b. 4-22-1900 Lemland
Michael Clemsens ?, b.? Saltvik
recd 1924 here
Johan Aug. Carlson, b.? Åland, recd 1907 here
Fridolf? Berman, b.? Hammarland
Ida Olivia Zetterstrom, b. 1-4-1876 Saltvik
Thure Bjorkfelt, b. 2-25-1901 Brändö
Erik Wilhelm Anderson, b. 3-30-1863 Jomala d. 11-20-1938
Alma Blomquist, b.? Eckerö
Carl William Erikson, b. 3-16-1895 Jomala
Felix Erickson, b.? Åland recd 1902 here
Nandor Gröndahl, b.? Brändö recd 1924 here [this name is familiar to me]
Aina Henrikson, b. 1-17-1879 Mariehamn
Elsa Henrikson, b. 1-16-1891 Mariehamn
Albin Henrikson, b. Mariehamn
Edla Jansen, b. Åland
Frank Johnson, b. Åland
Erik Jansson, b. Finström recd 1914 & listed as "honorary member from Philadelphia"
Johannes Enfrid? Jacobson, b. 3-14-1887 Brändö
Ida Johnson, b.? Brändö d. 7-23-1938
Vivi? Mathilda Piljon?, b. 2-17-1894 Saltvik
Alexandra Lindquist, b.? Lemland
Rev. Felix Richard? Malin, b. 9-23-1885 Lemland
John Julius Mattson, b. 11-1-1895 Jomala
Didrik Nordquist, b.? Geta recd 1924 here
Agnes Elvira Nylund, b. 4-29-1885 Finstrom
Edwin Ohman, b. 5-13-1888 Lemland
Selma Ohman, b. 2-26-188? Brändö
Nils Ohman, b. 4-25-1891 Lemland
Robert Ohman, b. 12-30-1892 Lemland
Edith Ohman, b.? Lemland
Gustof Theodor Olson, b. 10-10-1875 Jomala

A few at Gustavus Adolphus in NYC
Johan Julius Franz Johnson, b. 27-12-1893 Jomala dropped 1914
Hulda Wilh. Backman, b. 10-12-1882 Geta Bånäs for Åland dropped 1909
Eva Victoria Holmström, b. 28-10-1885, Jomala dropped 1905
Emelia Alice Johanson, b. 27-2-1877 Lemland dropped 1908
Olga Alexandra Mattson, b. 23-12-1882 Åland dropped 1906
Elvira Karlström, b. 18-7-1885 Jumala Åland dropped 1907
Alina Wilh. Mattson, b. 12-10-1882 Jomala dropped 1906
Kristina Aksinio? Törnvoth?, b. 7-5-1874 Brändö dropped 1903
Ida Marie Andersdotter, b. 11-11-1879 ??? Åland dropped 1903

Karen Douglas
19-02-04, 01:31
Chuck, Kevin and Ingemar:

A BIG thank you to the three of you! :)

I have been looking for information on him for months and you found it right away in a matter of hours.

Yes, Thure lived in the Bronx for a number of years. His wife's name was Sigrid. I knew she died in 1964, but I did not have a specific date.

Ingemar: Do you know if the book "Families and Farms in Brändö" is still available? I would love to buy a copy for my cousin.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!


19-02-04, 03:11
Hej Ingemar,

A cousin! Then I will go back to that church and get a fotocopy of the pages for you.
I think there were 2 more kids born in Nebraska.

Hi Karen,
Well, one can't help but have a little success with the whole of the Swenson archives at one's disposal plus getting a bit better and maybe luckier with the online searches:)


Ingemar Ekman
19-02-04, 20:31
Hi Karen,
The book is in Swedish and the full title is “Familjer och gårdar i Brändö – från stormaktstid till nutid” and has 849 pages, so pretty heavy. The book can be found in the book store at http://www.genealogia.fi/kauppa/indexe.htm and then click on Åland Islands. I can send you some extract from the book and also about the relatives that lived in Sweden 1970 from the CD.

Hi Chuck,
Thank you very much for your list with Ålanders in NY and about my distant cousins in Nebraska. Every time I get information about Ålanders in USA, I am looking special for my maternal grandmother’s 4 brothers. They emigrated to USA 1878 - 1890. All born in Föglö Åland.:
Gustaf Emil ENGLUND born 8 Jan 1859, died in U.S before 1894, had 2 children born in U.S: Carl Gustaf (see note below) and Hilda Maria.
Erik Viktor ENGLUND born 17 Apr. 1862
Carl Oscar ENGLUND born 13 Nov 1863
Daniel Gideon ENGLUND born 23 Aug 1866

I have sent many emails 1996 to 2002 to Englunds in USA and one of the best indications came from a man in New Jersey. His grandfather’s name was Carl Gustaf Englund and has lived in Worcester MA and Roebling NJ where he died before 1943. This Carl Gustaf had the children Harold, Paul, Helen, Elenor and Gustaf, but no birth dates.
I have found several of my grandmother’s cousins that lived in MN and WA, also with surname Englund (two of them changed their surname to England). I have visited children and grandchildren to these cousins and they have visited us, but unfortunately they had no information about my grandmother’s brothers

20-02-04, 01:13
Hi Ingemar,
Here is the fotocopy from Edensburg Luheran Church in Malmo, Nebraska.
Unfortunately it does not lead us further.

Gustaf Emil ENGLUND - I began to search for him. I chose to go to Worcester, MA, lst Lutheran, S128-2 but I did not find them there. I checked baptisms and funeral lists but nobody found. There are some missing pages. I will try different churches in Worcester.
As for Roebling, NJ, there are no swedish churches within that county or the Pennsylvania county just across the river. Philadelphia is down river and Trenton is upriver so it is a mystery:)


20-02-04, 01:51
I noticed I have a new title "honorary contributor". I am not sure how I should take this because in USA this is the definition given by Webster:
"2. designating an office or position held as an honor only, without service or pay"
Now I know in the UK it defines a position where a person is doing the job:)
That said, I will record the Ålanders found at Pilgrim:
Carl Anders Willner, b. 10-16-1881 Lemland arr 1910
Ida Maria f. Söderlund, b. 8-20-1883 Lemland, arr 1904

Carl Sven Erikson, b. 12-10-1882 Toböle? Saltvik arr 1906
Maria Amanda f. Nylund, b. 4-28-1884 Finström arr 1909

Anders Viktor Söderlund, b. 11-10-1859 Wårdo died 10-1922

Karl Gunnar Elis Gustafson, b. 6-18-1889 Saltvik arr 1914
Lydia Maria f.?, b. 3-19-1893 Saltvik
Nils Gunnar, b. 12-29-1914 Saltvik
Carl Paul, b. 8-16-1916 Saltvik
Elsa Maria, b. 8-31-1921 Saltvik

Hjalmar Viktor Gustafson, b. 11-11-1891 Saltvik arr 1910
Emma Elizabeth f. ?, b. 9-17-1894 Saltvik

Johan Aug. Nordqvist, b. 1-7-1871 Geta arr 1893

Julius Carlson, b. 8-15-1885 Finström arr 1913
Ikga Narua f,?, b. 11-18-1878 Geta arr 1905

Aug. Edward Mattson, b. 8-23-1886 Eckerö, returned 192? 193?

Mrs Lydia Emlia Carlson, b. 5-24-1873 Föglö arr 1893, dropped 1931

John Viktor Nordqvist, b. 9-8-1900 Brändö arr 1923
Anni Ingrid f.Hansson, b. 12-15-1900 Wärdo arr 1923

Astor Valdorf Wilson, b. 3-15-1904 Pettböle? Finström arr 1922

20-02-04, 05:13
Originally posted by granskare "2. designating an office or position held as an honor only, without service or pay"

You got that right! ;)

Congratulations! and thanks for all you do to help others, Chuck. I'm glad we "met" and you decided to join! :D

20-02-04, 05:50
Hei Kevin,
That's right, we did meet I think at anbytarforum. SFHS place has been a lot of fun for me

I'll take the title under the UK usage. I am a member of OPAL, Oriental Philatelic Association of London and people there who are the officers are referred to by the honorific of "honorable" - here's an example:

"The OPAL newsletter is published by the Hon. Sec..."

In the US, when you are called the 'honorable" something or other, you are the person who does NO work so another example of the US and UK being divided by a common language.:)

Hmm, I think maybe when we reach 500 posts we get to begin over again as juniors!


26-02-04, 09:07
Hi Ingemar,
I may have found Daniel G & Erik V of the Englund family, for which you are searching, in the 1910 census.

ENGLEND Dannal G age 43 b. Fin Yellowstone County,
School Dist 24 T624-roll 837 part 2 page 170 A MT
ENGLUND V Erik age 48 b. Fin Kitsap County Pearson PCT t624 roll 1662 part 2 page 182 A WA

Here are some other Engl people born in Finland.
ENGLUND Ernst 28 San Francisco, San Fran 95 3 8 A CA
ENGLUND Isaac 43 Ouray , Imogene 123 3 39 A CO
ENGLAND Frank 33 Ouray, Imogene 123 3 39 A CO
ENGLUND Constantin 0 Fremont, Herbert 224 2 188 B ID
ENGLAND Ida 25 Norfolk, Milton 609 1 147B MA
ENGLOMB Frank 28 Suffolk, 2-WD Boston 614 1 180 MA
ENGLMAN Edward 25 St Louis 4WDVirginia 724 1 34B MN
ENGLAND Edwin 22 Hudson,7WDJersey Cty890 3 185BNJ
ENGLISH Hugo 39 New Yk,12WDManhat 1021 1 106B
ENGLAND Iva 22Cuyahoga 25WDCleveland 1176 1 160
ENGLEMDT Gustaf W 26 Minnehaha 8WD Sioux Falls 1485 2 186 B SD
ENGLAND Erick 53 Thurston,Rochester PCT 1672 2 66 B WA
ENGLAND Gus 54 King, 13-WD Seattle 1660 1 188 A WA

Also there were two listed as Swedish born, in Worcester County MA
ENGLUND Oscar F 37 2-WD Worcester 631 1 247 B
ENGLAND Gustaf H 45 1-WD Worcester 631 1 140 B

Hoping that some of these are yours.


Ingemar Ekman
26-02-04, 21:10
ENGLEND Dannal G age 43 b. Fin Yellowstone County, School Dist 24 T624-roll 837 part 2 page 170 A MT
ENGLUND V Erik age 48 b. Fin Kitsap County Pearson PCT t624 roll 1662 part 2 page 182 A WA

Hej Jeanette,

Thank you very much for your help to find the Englund in the Census record for 1910.
It looks very promising. Their ages and names correspond with my grandmother’s brothers. Do you know if it is possible to order the records the Census refers to and how to do that? I checked the phone book and found 14 Englund in Montana but 117 Englund in Washington.
You found also Gus England in Seattle WA and he is maybe their cousin, Gustav Englund born 18 March 1856. He died 26 Dec 1921 in Seattle WA, His wife was Ida Maria Sundblom b 1853. They had 10 children and moved from MN to Ballard WA 1902. I have information about their children and grandchildren. A son was William Englund b 1882, The book China Travail- The Story of William Englund, is published in USA 1975 and I got this book from his daughter in Illinois.

Hej Chuck,

Thank you very much for the photocopy from Edensburg Church in Nebraska and the list of Ålanders in Pilgrim Lutheran Church in NY I have informed the Åland Emigrant Institute about all your findings of Ålanders and I hope the co-ordinator for the institute, Eva, will join the Finlander.


26-02-04, 23:13
Hej Ingemar,

The information I posted shows the reel and page number for the 1910 census to which, unfortunately I don't have access. Perhaps another member who has may be able to look on the census for further information for you.
There is a site which may be useful in your search for the Englunds in Washington State. Here is the url

Just type in Englund and you may be surprised by all the census, naturalization and other records.

Happy searching.


27-02-04, 04:48
Hi Ingemar,
Here's the 1st of the two images:

27-02-04, 04:50
Ingemar, this next image is hard to read the immigration details. It's a very faint copy.

Ingemar Ekman
28-02-04, 00:25
Hi Kevin
Thank you very much for the copies of the two Englunds. I do not understand all the columns and I am reading the Kitsap county record as:
Daniel G is 43 years old and his wife Anna H 48 and both Fin Swedish but what means with ”12” ”1” ”1” Their daughter Hilda E 10 years old born in Idaho ? But what means with the two columns to the right, and the Yellowstone county record as:
Erik V 48 years and his wife Mathilda 48 years and both Fin Swedish and then ”0” ”3” ”1” ? the daughter Lizzie ? 18 years born in Illinois.
I am pretty sure that both Daniel G and Erik V were my grandmother’s brothers, but I suppose it will be difficult to find the daughters surnames after their marriage but it looks like a breakthrough with the big help from this forum.

Hi Jeanette,
Thank you for the link to Washington Secretary of State Site, I started to look at the site today.


28-02-04, 03:07
Hi Ingemar,
Sorry, I forget sometimes that not everyone is used to the column headers on the census. Pasting the whole image is too big when the people appear toward the bottom. Next time I'll try to be more aware and provide the necessary details. :(

"Fin Swedish" means born in Finland but speak Swedish. Sometimes the census takers don't list the "tongue" but some do.

"M1" or "M2" means 1st marriage or 2nd marriage. The column following the M1 is the number of years they have been married. So Daniel was married for 12 years (m.~1898) and Erik V was married less than 1 year (m.~1910 or 1909).

The next column is usually only populated for the mother/wife. 1st column is the total number of children and the next column is how many children are still living. "1,1" is one child born and one still living (the same child) "3,1" is 3 children total but only 1 still alive.

Hilda was born in Idaho and Lizzie was born in Illinois. I did try to find Daniel in the 1900 census but doesn't show up in the index search.

Hope this helps to clear things up some! :)

28-02-04, 03:11
If you go back and look at Lizzie's entry you'll notice it lists her father as being born in Sweden (Swed) but looking at the father's entry it says he was born in Finland but spoke Swedish. I have seen this type of error many, many times in the census. The information is only as good as the citizens reported or the census taker's attention to details.

28-02-04, 08:13
Hi Ingemar,

I looked at the HQ cd for Haglund but was unable to find either Karl or Anna They would have been in their mid 70's by 1910. You mentioned a son emigrated in 1883 but no name - he should be listed on it.

On the image Chuck displayed for Edensburg Church in Nebraska is a Johan b. 1875 I can't make out where.
Would this be him on the cd ?
HAGLUND J age 35 b. Fin San Francisco, San Francisco T624-roll 102 part 1 page 10 A CA

Altogether 30 Haglund/Hagglund listings b. Finland spread across 12 states.


Ingemar Ekman
29-02-04, 22:41
Hi Jeanette,
Thank you again for your help. The son that emigrated 1883 was Carl-Erik Haglund born 1865.
Johan born 1875 was born in USA but I do not know where.

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for the explanation about the different columns in the Census records.


01-03-04, 00:36
Hi Ingemar,

Johan was born in Saunders County, Nebraska according to the church records.
His sister is shown as born in Edensburg, Nebraska so she is born in the town limits and he probably on a farm in the county.


01-03-04, 02:09
This appears to be the family as found in the 1880 census available for free on the Mormon Website.


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Charles HAGLUND Self M Male W 44 FIN Farmer FIN FIN
Anna HAGLUND Wife M Female W 44 FIN Keeping House FIN FIN
Evelina HAGLUND Dau S Female W 12 FIN Going To School FIN FIN
Tilda HAGLUND Dau S Female W 8 FIN FIN FIN
Selma HAGLUND Dau S Female W 1 NE FIN FIN

Source Information:
Census Place Mariposa, Saunders, Nebraska
Family History Library Film 1254755
NA Film Number T9-0755
Page Number 310B

Here's the link:


Then click on search.

01-03-04, 05:15
Hi Ingemar,

Here is a possible for Carl Erik
HAGLUND Charles age 46 b. Fin King County Issaquah Twp T624 1657 part 2 page 21 A WA

Best wishes


Ingemar Ekman
01-03-04, 21:12
Hej Chuck, Kevin and Jeanette,
Thank you very much. I am preparing a general list of Ålanders (about 400-500) in USA, but I am not sure if I should post it here or send the list direct to the SFHS-archive and Åland Emigrant Institute.

01-03-04, 21:25
Put the list as an attachment here and send it to the archives. I'd like to see it and download it so that if I find new people, I can see if they are on it and if not, I can post new names.


01-03-04, 21:49
Originally posted by Ingemar Ekman
Hej Chuck, Kevin and Jeanette,
Thank you very much. I am preparing a general list of Ålanders (about 400-500) in USA, but I am not sure if I should post it here or send the list direct to the SFHS-archive and Åland Emigrant Institute.


Send a copy to me and I'll enter it under SFHS' website. Then we can post an address to the material on Finlander so everybody can find it.

04-03-04, 01:56
Found at S-179, NJ, Patterson, Zion Lutheran Church:

Mathias Walfrid Nordblom, b. Mar 6, 1874 in Åland with emigration from Föglö - the manuscript was really not easy to read but the name below showed Foglo so I took it as that.

Maria Bloom, b. 9-10-1881 at Foglo, emi from Finland 1884 and here from Chicago 27-8-1901

Ingemar Ekman
04-03-04, 23:13
Hi Chuck,
Thank you for the information from New Jersey. Both are my distant cousins. My grandmother’s 2nd cousin was Mathias Walfrid Nordblom born in Hummersö, Föglö. He died 1960 in New York and was married with my mother’s 4th cousin Maria Bloom ( Maria Engblom), she died 1910. They had a daughter Lillian born 19 Apr 1905 in California?, died 1990, married Boer.
Best Regards,

05-03-04, 02:45

This is the Åland list for Norwood, MA put into the database Hasse has set up. It is Hasse who did the neat bullets type with indentations. Maybe in a few years I can learn to do that.


I left the Lappfjärders in there to give the list some class:D

11-03-04, 12:17
Hi Ingemar,

I may have a little more success in the 1910 census.

NORDBLOON Mathew W age 36 b. Fin Westchester County 9-WD Yonkers T624 roll 1093 Part 2 Page 234 subpage B NY

This one matches by age and given name only but possibly worth a look for Carl Oscar Englund.
GLAHN Charles 46 b. Blank Outgamie County Grand Chute 1731 1 97 A WISCONSIN.


Ingemar Ekman
11-03-04, 21:51
Hi Chuck,
Thank you for the 11 pages mostly with Ålanders in Norwood MA. You have done a great job. I recognize several relatives and also ancestors to SFHS-members in MA. The list has my grandfather’s 2nd cousin Berndt Oskar Lunden 1873-1959, he was married to Rauha Maria Liipola 1877-1957, born in Koskis. Her brother was a known sculptor. Berndt and Rauha had 3 children born 1905-1907. In May 2000 I met 2 of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren in San Francisco at a pot-luck dinner together with distant cousins that I did not know about a few years earlier.

Hi Jeanette,
Thank you for checking after Carl Oscar Englund. I hope to find descendants to the other Englunds ( Brothers to Carl Oscar) Was Charles a Fin ?

Best Regards,

11-03-04, 22:51
Hi Ingemar,

The cd showed birthplace as blank (not completed). It may have been included because his parents details show as being from a Scandinavian country. Viewing an actual census image would determine whether or not this is the correct Carl Englund.

Hoping it is.


12-03-04, 00:07
Dead end, I'm afraid. This Charles Glahn was an inmate at an insane asylum. Only his name, gender, race and age is listed.

17-03-04, 04:41

In dbase format with Hasse doing the bullets:)


Ingemar Ekman
22-03-04, 19:58
Hi Chuck,
You are doing a great job with all the Ålanders. I noticed that I have read Sundström as Lundström in my file of Ålanders in WA, but after re-checking, you have read the name correctly. I hope to visit Växjö soon again. I have no information of Ålanders in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, except the emigrants I have in my family file.

23-03-04, 01:58
Hmm, nothing like a grammatical incorrect subject line to draw some attention:)

[this is an amended list]

wife Ida Marie West, b. 7-19-1891 at Finström.
husband is from Houtskärf but that didn't sound Åland to me.
Johan Mauritz Gould L.L.B., b. 9-18-1886 at Finström, emigrated 1906
wife Fanny Viktoria Gould, b. 7-27-1888 at Finström, emigrated 1906
Both arrived here from Astoria, L.I. 1912, LI is likely Long Island.
Carl Arthur Holmberg, b. 3-2-1887 at Krookstad Åland, emigrated 1910
wife Hannah Bossell Gustafson, b. 11-11-1890 at Bjerström Åland, emigrated 1903
is Bole Åland?


25-03-04, 01:50

Ingemar Ekman
25-03-04, 19:24
Hi Chuck,
Some comments:
>>is Bole Åland?
Yes, a part of the village Kyrkoby in Eckerö is called Böle and consists of two farms Östergård and Västergård. Maybe there are more places called Böle.
>> husband is from Houtskärf but that didn't sound Åland to me.
Houtskär is located in the archipelago between Åland and Turku and belongs to Åbo and Björneborgs län.

Regarding Astoria OR records;
Yes I found also Anders Michael Lindholm in Växjö and he is born in Hastersboda, Föglö and his wife Anna Julina Johansdotter is born in Granboda Föglö, and they are distant cousins to me. The records showed also their children born in different places in Oregon: Anna Eugenia b 1883, Anders Leonard b 1884, Hanna Teresia b 1890 and Agnes Ruth b 1894. Anna Julina moved 1918 to San Fransisco and recorded in the Ebenetzer Luth. Church and moved 1920 to Los Angeles.

31-03-04, 02:19
Only people listed born Bole are here:
Anders Gustaf Sand, b. 1-31-1881 at Bole
.................................................. ...........
Otto W. Sand, b. 7-6-1865 at Bole
.................................................. ...........
Mrs Ida Maria Anderholm (Sand), b. 1869 at Bole
.................................................. ...........
Herman Sand, no birthdate, at Bole
.................................................. ...........

01-04-04, 03:49
This is an older church membership book, handmade so lucky to find him:

Johannes Gorgeson, b. Jun 3 1832 at Saltvik, em: 1892


Ingemar Ekman
14-04-04, 21:07
I am enclosing a jpg-file of the ”Records of Confirmations” in the Finnish Seamens Mission Church in New York. The photo is for the year 1902 of the section “ruotsia puhuvia” (Swedish speaking) , 4 Ålanders and 1 from Teerijärvi and 1 from Helsinki. The column to the right is the parents name.
I took totally 32 photos last week of the records in this church, but the file will be to big to attach and I hope later to rewrite an extract in txt format together with the other records I have.

Hasse Andtbacka
16-04-04, 10:06
Frans Edvard Edström in the picture above is Frans Evald in the following family:

Anders Carlsson Aspfors Storede, b. 13-11-1851 in Terjärv, (son of Carl Mattsson Storede Lillrank and Anna Lisa Andersdr Storede Granö). Makarna till Amerika 02-08-1896.

Married 03-11-1872 in Terjärv, Maria Johansdr Aspfors Granbacka, b. 01-02-1850 in Terjärv, (daughter of Johan Johansson Granbacka Isokangas and Elisabet Johansdr Granbacka).

i Amanda Maria Andersdr Aspfors, b. 03-07-1873 in Terjärv. To Övermark 28-01-1895.
ii Anna Selina Andersdr Aspfors, b. 05-07-1876 in Terjärv, emigrated 15-08-1896 to America.
iii Sigrid Andersdr Aspfors, b. 16-07-1880 in Terjärv, emigrated 21-11-1897 to America.
iv Emma Andersdr Aspfors, b. 04-09-1883 in Terjärv, emigrated 08-08-1899 to America.
v Frans Evald Andersson Aspfors, b. 02-10-1886 in Terjärv, emigrated 08-08-1899 to America.
vi Anders Rudolf Andersson Aspfors, b. 27-10-1889 in Terjärv, emigrated 08-08-1899 to America.

Frans Evald used Frans Edvard in USA, and he lied about his age, probably to get a job.

Hasse A

10-01-05, 21:07
by Frank Blomfeldt. May I have a copy of that article? My family comes from Geta, and with some difficulty I'm putting together a family tree. Thank you.

It could be emailed to the SFHS office at <sfhs%40verizon.net> .

I it's in hard copy please mail it to
Phil Fagerholm
The Swedish Finn Historical Society
P.O. Box 17264
Seattle WA 98127-0964

Thanks so much!
Geta, Jomala, Finström, Föglö, Mariehamn
Fagerholm, Bergman

Ingemar Ekman
04-03-08, 19:14
This is an update from 2004 and my first message in this issue.
In the newspaper Finska Amerikanaren in USA 1906 – 1930 and in newspaper Norden 1937 I have taken photos of 99 death columns and 27 queries of Ålanders in USA.
The list below is the name sorted by surname, home place in Åland if it was stated, The date refers to the issue date of the newspaper if readable, "Q" before the issue date indicates a query.

Anderson, Alf Keimert Finström 1930-04
Anderson, Alma Karolina Lemland 1928-05-31
Anderson, Axel E (Hammarland) Q 1918-09-25
Anderson, Lea Irene Hammarland 1924-08-28
Andersson, Charles Evert Nåtö 1922-10-26
Asplund, Agda Maria Saltvik 1918-11-07
Backman, Emel Mathias Eckerö 1934-11-01
Berglund, Felix Gunnar Brändö Lappo 1908-12-24
Bergman, Fridolf Hammarland Q 1906-04-05
Björkbom, Edla Kristina Lemland 1929-04
Björkbom, Karl Mariehamn 1909-08-19
Blomquist f Holmström, Hulda Maria Brändö 1931-11-05
Carlson f Carlström, Christina Wilhelmina Åland 1928-12-27
Carlson f Jansson, Elin Maria Finström, Godby 1927-03-31
Carlson Selinda, Mrs Brändö Björnholma Q 1923-11-01
Carlson, August Sunds Prästgård 1910-12-01
Carlson, Carl Johan Åland 1925-07-09
Carlson, Christina Wilhelmina Finström Ämnäs 1918-05-16
Carlson, Dagmar Saltvik 1925-10-08
Carlson, Emil Åland 1932-03-17
Carlson, Erika Sofia, Miss Föglö Sommarö Q 1915-01-21
Carlson, Gustaf Walfrid Vårdö 1907-09-05
Carlson, Hanna Josefina Finström 1926-06-02
Carlson, John Emil Finström 1918-02-28
Carlström Anni - Q 1926-06-24
Danielson, Daniel Evald Åland 1930-01
Danielsson, Wilhelmina Lumparland 1916-02-24
Englund, August Alfred Kumlinge 1908-11-12
Engström Alvira Sofia Jurmo Q1925-03-19
Erickson, Carl Alfred Eckerö, Överby 1923-08-16
Erickson, Gustaf Åland 1932-03-31
Erickson, Julius M Jomala Vestersunda apr-30
Erickson, Martin Mariehamn 1919-04-24
Erickson, Nestor Brändö Torsholm Q1917-12-13
Erikson, John Geta Björkholm 1907-05-02
Eriksson, Anni Emilia Jomala Westersund 1916-07-20
Eriksson, August Filip Lemland 1917-08-16
Fagerlund, Ida Victoria Eckerö 1926-12-02
Granlund, John Oskar Saltvik Ovanåker Q 1913-12-18
Gröndahl, Johan Finström Bartsg. Q1920-07-22
Gustafson, Elsa Maria Saltvik 1934-04-19
Gustafson, Johannes Wilhelm Eckerö, Torp 1920-02-19
Gustafson, Maria Josefina Sund, Högbolstad 1924-01-17
Gustafsson Johannes Wilhelm Eckerö Torp 1920-02-19
Gustavson, Carl Einar Finström 1924-06-19
Gustavsson, August Wilhem Vårdö 1910-05-26
Gustavsson, Johan Emanuel Sund Högbolstad 1917-09-20
Hellberg Saima Åland Q 1925-10-08
Hendrickson, Frank Oskar Vårdö 1915-08-05
Holmberg, John August Finström 1923-01-18
Isacksson, Carl Werner Hammarland Bovik 1915-09-02
Jacobson, Linda Kumlinge Seglinge 1910-08-11
Janson Johan Artur Finström Godby 1917-05-31
Janson, Eric Uno Hammarland, Byttböl 1924-12-04
Janson, Johanna Mathilda Sund Högbolstad 1915-06-03
Johansson, Signe Miss Saltvik Q 1912-12-26
Johnson f Isakson, Ida Edith Finström Torrbolstad 1919-07-21
Johnson Karl A Sund Q 1908-01-16
Johnson, Albert Åland 1917-12-04
Johnson, Carl Albert Vårdö, Vargata 1928-10-18
Johnson, Elma Mathilda Sund 1911-01 05
Johnson, John Geta 1908-02-13
Johnson, John Alfred Eckerö 1918-06-20
Johnson, Lydia Finström Emkarby 1916-11-02
Johnson, Matilda Saltvik 1917-04-19
Johnson, Viktoria Wilhelmina Jomala 1923-12-27
Karlson, Aina Brändö Åva 1917-10-18
Karlson, Ernst Mickael Hammarland Q 1921-09-29
Karlsson, Karl Felix Emmanuel Sund Kastelholm 1917-08-02
Karlsson, Karl Julius Kumlinge Q 1913-03-06
Karlström, Aina Emilia Föglö Hastasbacka 1931-02-26
Karlström, Erik Gustav Kökar 1937-02-25
Karlström, Ernst Runar Hammarland, Strömm 1924-03-06
Lang, Frank Hugo Åland 1918-05-09
Lang, Karl Viktor MariehamnQ 1913-03-13
Lemqvist, Arthur Wästeränga 1926-01-07
Lindblad, Anders Eliel Kumlinge 1922-08-03
Lindblom, Konrad Albert Finström Godby Q 1918-10-24
Lindell, Victor Kökar Q 1918-10-17
Lindhagen, John Föglö 1930-05-22
Lindqvist, Gustaf Brynolf Kökar Karlby 1914-05-21
Lindqvist, Maria Victoria Finström 1925-09-03
Lindstrom, Anton V. Föglö 1912
Lindström, Erik Edwin Mauritz Hammarland 1918-10-10
Malmström, Erik August Jomala 1917-03-15
Martin f Sjövaer, Amalia Gustava Lemland Knutsboda 1916-04-06
Mattson Mattias Leonard Åland Q 1924-05-22
Mattson, Erik August Sund 1930-12-11
Mattson, John Alfred Finström 1923-12-20
Mattson, Lennart Brändö Lappo Q 1918-10-10
Mattsson, Augusta Mathilda Finström 1922-03-23
Männikow George Estland (Wife Esther from Åland) Q 1932-03-03
Nordberg, Matilda Mosshaga Q 1913-08-31
Nordlund, Carl Hugo Saltvik Bertby 1918-10-31
Nordman, Anna Erika Miss Lemland Q 1906-02-08
Nordström, Johannes Wilhelm Saltvik 1919-04-17
Nylund, Justus L. Finström Torrbolstad 1914-04-08
Nystam (Nyström) Carl Julius Eckerö 1919-11-20
Olson Gustaf Theodor Jomala, Ytternäs 1927-08-04
Peterson, John E. Sjökapten Sund Gesterby 1935-01-24
Peterson, Samuel Wilhelm Sund Gesterby 1925-07-30
Rundberg, Albin Bernhard Hammarland Mörby 1918-06-20
Rönnholm, Johan Alfred Sund 1924-12-11
Sjovall, Anna Karolina Lemland 1921-03-10
Sjöström f. Mattsson Alice Irene Finström 1919-03-04
Sjöström, Karl Föglö Sonboda Q 1914-01-22
Smith J. Anselm Mariehamn Q 1912-05-23
Sommarström John Åland Q 1912-05-23
Strand f Henrikson, Alma Johanna Lemland Granboda 1933-11-02
Strand, Carl J. Lemland Granboda 1916-04-27
Ström, Karl Oskar Finström 1924-04-24
Sundman, August Enklinge 1924-06-05
Sundqvist, John Finström 1917-08-02
Sundqvist, Verner Finström 1915-02-25
Sundström, Erik Oskar Jomala 1918-03-07
Söderlund, Karl Johan Vårdö 1922-02-05
Söderström f Lindell, Edith Mariehamn 1917-08-30
Söderström, Johan Erik Lemland 1922-04-27
Tornvall, Anton Erenius Brändö Asterholma 1918-01-17
Wallin, Anselm Alexander Vårdö 1918-11-21
Wennström, Mathilda Seralia Sund 1922-06-08
Westman, Frans Wilhelm Hammarland Bovik 1915-04-29
Willandt August pastor, Jomala (Article) 1908-12-03
Öfverström, Karl Albert Eckerö Överby 1914-12-24
Österholm kusinerna Saltvik Bertby Q 1913-01-16
Öström, Johan Petter Åland 1925-08-06

If someone want more information I will be happy to send the photo of the death column/query or an extract of the content. Due to the amount of emails I get, I need to give priority to members in SFHS or to members in Åland Island´s Emigrant Institute, so please let me know if you are member and where. Thank you,

June Pelo
04-03-08, 21:19
Great job, Ingemar. I hope everyone with links to &#197;land will take note.


05-03-08, 03:49
This is terrific, Ingemar! Thanks so much. I believe that it also belongs in the Oracle project which Hasse has begun, the collection of articles and data about Swedish Finns. And I hope everyone is sending in the names of their emigrant ancestors for the SFHS Emigrant List. The motto is "Let No Name Be Lost!"

Ingemar Ekman
09-03-08, 13:25
Hi Syrene,
I will send you a wordfile (in Swedish) with detailed information about the death columns, obituaries and queries. The photos as jpgfiles will be given to SFHS archive. Åland Islands Emigrant institute got the wordfile and photos a year ago .
Greetings from Stockholm,

20-03-08, 22:00
My 3-g grandparents are Mats Matsson (b. 1759 at Bierström, Finström, Åland, Finland; d. 2 Jun 1833 at Bierström, Finström, Åland, Finland) and Greta Andersdotter (b. 1762; d. 21 Jan 1809 at Bierström, Finström, Åland, Finland). I have their 7 children born from 1787 - 1805. I think I have found their marriage record using the HisKi Project.
Finström Married - event number 493. However, I'm not sure as the names are Mats Matsson and Brita Andersdtr married 6.11.1785 at Bierström. Does anyone have access to the marriage records to see if "Brita" could possibly be "Greta".
Ingemar, you helped me get started back in 1998. Do you know if Mildred Wold is still in Arizona and doing genealogy?

During these intervening years I've made great progress in researching my "Närpes" lines.

I'm still trying to find the descendants of my dad's great uncles and aunts here in the states, too.

Char Kibbie
Kent, WA

Ingemar Ekman
24-03-08, 15:41
Hi Charlot,
Yes, I remember that we had some correspondences 1998 regarding your Snellman´s roots from Jomala, Åland. I have now contacted genealogists in Åland that I know have some connection to Bjärström in Finström. I plan also soon be to the archive in Mariehamn again. I have also asked Eva at the Emigrant institute if Mildred has been again and visiting her relatives in Åland.
Happy Easter,

Ingemar Ekman
24-03-08, 18:00
Hi again,
I got reply from Ben-Eric and this is an extract from the page he sent me:

Table 1.
Matts Mattsson. born about 1759. Dead 2.6.1833 in Finström, Bjärström 9, Mattas. Farmer. Juryman

married 1st 6.11.1785 in Finström to Greta Andersdotter. b 25.4.1762 in Eckerö, Överby 8, Bengtas. Dead in fever 25.1.1809 in Finström, Bjärström 9, Mattas.

married 2nd 13.10.1810 in Finström to Brita Gustavsdotter. b 11.9.1755 in Saltvik, Sålis. Dead in vattusot 16.12.1826 in Finström, Bjärström.
widow from Saltvik, Ryssö.

1. Greta Stina Mattsdotter. Född 1.6.1805 i Finström, Bjärström 9, Mattas. See Table 2

28-03-08, 18:23
I have e-mailed you Ben-Eric's Tables with my information added showing my specific connection to this family line. Please let me know that you have received it. I hope you will share the information with anyone who may be interested. Also if you have any questions, please ask.

Charlotte Kibbie

26-04-08, 20:33
So likewise are there also records of the Finnish Seamans' Mission of the church in San Francisco. My mother was baptised there in 1913. Her parents emmigrated Finland in 1903.

10-12-08, 03:37
What a great site - and good to see your posts, Ingemar! If you remember 5 to 6 years ago you helped me find my "lost" family in Aland, a discovery of a multitude of
2nd cousins I had no idea existed.

I am hoping someone may be able to help find the missing link (my great-grandfather):
Johan Alfred Jansson (Johanson) b.19.7.1852 from Finstrom - One passport record dated 30.9.1886 to Amerika for Johan Alfred Johansson; another from Palsbole, Finstrom 6.1887 for Johan Alfred Jansson. Church records indicate he was abroad since 1887, then newer records state he lives in America.

I cannot find any further information, such as his arriving in America, IF he arrived here, and where he went if he did in fact arrive. Any suggestions?

His 2 daughters (my grandmother and great-aunt) came through Ellis in the early 1900's and settled in Washington State, but left us no information either.

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide.

Annie W. Hargrave
Olympia, WA

10-12-08, 05:30
on Ancestry.com: NY passenger list
S.S.Berlin left Southhamption, arr NY 8 May 1893
Johanson Johan A. Carpenter from Finland to Minnesota 31 yrs
Jansson, Johan A. Laborer from Finland to Iron Mntn MI 27 years

I suggest you send more information (birth dates of Johan, wife's and daughters' names and birth dates) to Bev Huchala at the SFHS offices. The Society has an International subscription to Ancestry.com, and she can do a more thorough search there.
Good luck!
Syrene Forsman

Ingemar Ekman
10-12-08, 18:51
Hi Annie,
Welcome to Finlander Discussion forum. I remember you very well.
In the communion book for Finström 1893-1902 page 575 your family are recorded as:
Johan Alfred Johansson b 19/7 1852 in Finström, abroad since 1887
wife Maria Sofia Johansdtr Guss b 3/4 1852 in Kristinestads landsförsamling,
Daughter Alina Sofia b 31/1 1882 in Finström, confirmation 2/5 1897, (moved to page 339, 1898)
Daugther Aina Mathilda b 5/6 1885 in Finström confirmation 6/5 1900 (moved to page 388, 1902)

Best Regards,

10-12-08, 23:29
Hi Ingemar - thanks for your reply on this board. I actually have copies of those church records that you so graciously sent me back in 2001. I am really trying to trace Johan's journey from Aland to America - what ship, where he landed, where he settled. Do you have any further ideas?

And Syrene - thank you for your recommendation. I have sent an email to Bev asking for her help as well.