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June Pelo
30-06-11, 00:36
You may remember my postings several years ago about the search for the origins of the Finnish song writer Einar Swan. His famous song "When Your Lover Has Gone" has been played here a number of times recently. Here you can listen to this sad, beautiful song:


30-06-11, 07:52

June Pelo
30-06-11, 15:13
Thanks, Hasse. I just calculated that Lasse Sandström is related to Einar Swan as 7th cousin twice removed, plus about 9 other links. So I've written to Lasse about it, and also suggested that he contact Sven Bjerstedt.. it seems they live near each other in Sweden!

June Pelo
30-06-11, 15:18
I've never heard this version... I'll write to Sven and tell him about it. He's interested in hearing the various versions of the song..

June Pelo
30-06-11, 15:54
Sven just sent me this version by Marvin Gaye in 1964: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKe5zoA25pY
He said that one of Benny Törnroos' favorites is the Ronstadt version. Benny produced the documentary of Einar Swan that was on Finnish TV.

June Pelo
30-06-11, 16:58
Out of curiosity, I tried to calculate which Finlander members are related to Einar Swan. Based on what I know, I came up with these... I know there are more:
me = 6C2R (6th cousin, twice removed)
Jaska = 7C2R
Hasse N. = 7C2R
Karen N. = 6C2R
Bud Johnson = 6C2R
Lasse Sandström = 7C2R
Hasse A. = 7C2R
K-G Molander = 6C2R
Debbie Santelli = 6C2R

Jaska Sarell
30-06-11, 20:58
I'm many more times related through his mother, like 5C2R and 4C3R :cool:

:) Jaska

June Pelo
30-06-11, 21:22
People who are descended from Mårten Strang, Olof Hyytinen, Söyrinki, Söderena, Söderknivilä, Lassila... probably are related to the Swan family...

Karen Norwillo
02-07-11, 16:47
Isn't it wonderful that you can understand and appreciate the beauty of those lyrics and the accompaning music in the Ronstadt version. She certainly does justice to the song. Beautiful.

June Pelo
02-07-11, 17:25
Frank Sinatra also did a fairly nice version of the song.

Lyrics to When Your Lover Has Gone :
(Einar A. Swan)

From ages to ages the poets and sages,
Of love glorious love always sing,
But ask any lover and you'll soon discover,
The heartaches that romance can bring,

When you're alone, who cares for starlit skies
When you're alone, the magic moonlight dies
At break of dawn, there is no sunrise
When your lover has gone

What lonely hours, the evening shadows bring
What lonely hours, with memories lingering
Like faded flowers, life can't mean anything
When your lover has gone