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01-07-11, 09:13
This is a copy of a postcard sent to me for genealogy purposes, and it is written from a cousin of my Grandmother in 1912. Could someone please translate for me as it is written, thank you so much.

June Pelo
01-07-11, 16:22
Dollar Bay, Mich. 27 July 1912
Hello to you mother's brother. I shall send you a postcard of me and mother's brother Emil. We are all well in Dollar Bay.
August Back LBox 37, Dollar Bay, Mich.

01-07-11, 19:58
Thank you, June. I was able to figure some of the words, but not all. This helps so much to identify the married name of his Mother (you wrote Back, but I am thinking maybe Bach?).....

The woman who sent it to me, will be very happy to know what it reads.

June Pelo
01-07-11, 20:55

It could be Bach, but still looks like Back to me.. I have over 60,000 names in my database, but not one is named Bach... doesn't sound like a Swede-Finn name.. If it was Bäck it would sound like Beck.

06-07-11, 08:23
Actually June, you are correct. It is Back and I was able to verify that, thanks again :)