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24-01-04, 02:44
Och war thetta huss lagbudit, lagstondit och hembudith. Om husköp och formelartat språkbruk i Stockholms stads tänkeböcker.

The language in the court records of Stockholm city from the 15th and 16th centuries is often described as rather complicated, even though the style is a stereotype. A diachronic analysis of records involving the selling and buying of houses tells us that a chronological development takes place. While the substance of the documents does not change, there are lexical and syntactical changes. This development should be understood not as a diachronic linguistic development, but as a function of the changing structure of the documents as legally binding. In my contribution I try to explain the changes through two particular ambitions on the part of the scribe; 1) the ambition of exactness, 2) the ambition of universality. Together these provide the language of the records with a complex syntax, and a nominal style.

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